I Proclaim Myself the Stupidest Social-Media Expert EVER

If you’re planning a conference about social media, and you haven’t got me on the docket then you’re screwed. Because I’m friggin’ hot right now. I was tired of the endless parade of social-media articles… they were repetitive, annoying, and written by people that had no business as authorities on social media.

So, without saying much about my secret identity as a prolific YouTuber, I published “The Stupidest Article on Social Media Ever.” It’s been Tweeted about, read 3K times, and has landed on a variety of blogs including “Silicon Angle.”

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz003

Dear conference planner, I propose the following. I’ll get up at your next conference, and you list me as a “social media expert.” Then I’ll take on any of the personalities from this video… and just fall apart gradually. Begin with confidence, but then begin to fall apart. Thus spoofing the whole absurdity of “social media” hype.

13 Replies to “I Proclaim Myself the Stupidest Social-Media Expert EVER”

  1. OK, I think I might finally “get it”.

    That article isn’t just random stupidity; it’s actually brilliant satire.

    Kevin, it’s pretty hard to tell sometimes if you are being seriously goofy or goofily serious.

  2. I just got a new macbook pro last week. The headphone plug and the keyboard back light are already broken. Boy are they going to be sorry for giving me a warranty.

  3. @3 Or. You could try rebooting it. 🙂 Bah ha!

  4. finally social media catches up
    my very first and still top ten favorite videos finds the best thing ever written.

    It’s a good day – always go with your first and best instinct – let the monkeys loose!

    I vote to send the chief technologist out on the road.

  5. @8 Ohhh, so that’s who it is…I was just asking myself who that cute, little boy with the full head of hair was in that video? He even shows his stomach in that video…I didn’t see a tire around the waist either. Hmmm…as I have flashbacks to the video where he takes his shirt off in the restaurant bathroom for the CM dare. I thought he was about to go inner-tubing down a river or something.

    Hey whatever happened to the Naltsgetsfit channel?

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! You know I love ya man…I’m just totally messin with you. Plus I’m about the size of a beached whale anyhow.


  6. @10 It is about time to start reminding Kevin about his Nalts Gets Fit channel again isn’t it?

    Nalts, I would recommend trying the CrossFit thing for a few months (that is, if you think you are man enough). My dad does that and loves it (and he’s even older than you are).

    I need to focus on eating better and doing more conditioning (I’m still rather weak and flabby after not working out for the whole summer).
    How ’bout we have a contest to see who is more ripped by January 2010? Loser buys the winner a T-shirt or something. 😉

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