Bobby McFerrin Turns Stage and Audience Into Instrument

Oh damn this is cool. Bobby McFerrin turns the entire stage into a keyboard, and the audience into his pipes. It’s a fascinating demonstration of our brains in action. Well, not your brain and my brain. We’re just receiving the encoded video. But Bobby’s and the audience. Not the doctors on the stage either. They look like they can’t wait until it’s over.

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18 Replies to “Bobby McFerrin Turns Stage and Audience Into Instrument”

  1. It has seeped into our subconscious because we have heard it so much. He gave the audience enough notes that they could extrapolate the rest.

  2. I was in an audience back in the mid nineties when he did something like this. I was getting all geeky and getting into it and singing along with him. People thought I was a dork.

  3. Went backstage afterwards to say good job to him and some other musicians, and I swear he was givin’ me the eye. Probably thought I was some groupie hoping to service him or something.

  4. my brain hurts.

    @8 I blame the chicken manufacturers for the fact that I am now developing breasts…or because my 7 year old niece is developing breasts.. I can never keep that straight..

    @10 Could be that you looked mixolidyian to him..

  5. Jeeze! Lacking inflection causes so many problems.

    Now I am forced to explain!!! IT wasn’t intended to come over that way. First I don’t have a 7 year old niece. Second I was drawing a comparison between to the fact that the hormones in the chicken are causing children to mature faster and my gynocomastia.

    There you made me say it!!


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