Another Film About YouTube, But I’m Not In It. So Skip It.

Another film about YouTube and its community. But I’m not in it. So skip it, and see “I Want My 3 Minutes Backinstead (see article and high-definition trailer).

Just kidding. Maybe. Butterflies is a movie about the YouTube people and community, and its trailer features Renetto… So, yeah, they’ve probably been working for years on it.

There’s your standard-issue MrSafety and WhatTheBuck quotes. Your basic LisaNova interview. DaveDays smiling about the mulah. I would have thought ShayCarl’s fame hit after post-production, but it didn’t stop him from sneaking his way into the stills. Shay, you’re the Michael Cain of YouTube.

But best of all, you get to see Xgobobeanx cry. Because comments can hurt. Funny how both films dealt with that issue. My favorite is still “I want to shit in your mouth.”

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Here’s the PopTub interview with Chuck Potter about “I Want My 3 Minutes Back.”

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