Most Unusual Commercials: Cuban Gynecologist & AutoSalesman

I’d buy a bag full o’ shit if Rhett and Link were promoting it. They are probably the best creative duo for online-video promotions, and I’ve written about many of their promotions, from Butterfinger to Alka Seltzer.

Perhaps their weirdest campaign, “I Love Local Commercials,” has the comedic pair bringing life to an otherwise boring company called Microbilt, which serves small companies.

Rhett and Link will be traveling America again, and making local commercials for lucky folks like… the cuban gynecologist and American autosalesman. Here’s the video introducing the campaign, and below is the charmingĀ  “making of.”

And to applaud Microbilt’s willingness to not overly whore itself in the videos (even its company site is 2 clicks from the campaign landing page), I will now list a series of things Microbilt can do for you.


And yes I’ve already nominated Nalts Consulting. I can’t think of something that would make me more proud than to hear the lovely voices of Rhett and Link espouse the power of online-video and social media. What rhymes with social media?

7 Replies to “Most Unusual Commercials: Cuban Gynecologist & AutoSalesman”

  1. Rhett and Link are funny. They make me giggle.

    Just to put it out there… unlike many people that have found some success on YT, these two haven’t turn into douche bags. I wish them all the best. They deserve it.

    P.S. Kevin… don’t take offense… I’m not saying you’re a douche bag. Sheesh… you get so sensitive!

  2. Take your pick:

    Friend in needia
    Smokin’ weedia
    Pumpkin Seedia
    Apollo Creedia
    How do you pleadia?
    Walter Reedia

    And I think it’s agreedia — Rhett and Link are very talented, yes, indeedia.

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