18 Replies to “All Your Itchy Nuts Are Belong to Us”

  1. That request wasn’t asking too much. I can understand why they wouldn’t lick his nuts, but there is nothing wrong with a little tickling of the poor guys package.

  2. Freakin’ hysterical! I love the little dance he does trying to scratch without his hands.

    Why can’t they let the poor guy have a free hand for a bit?

    Where’s NutCheese? I bet she’ll love this video.

  3. -Due to your combative nature, we’re not going to, uh, do the, uh…
    -Won’t scratch my nuts?

    That’s the best part. I wouldn’t have scratched his damned nuts either.

  4. I would have told him that I’d gladly do it, but only if it were on my own time. This is the state’s time, and the taxpayers shouldn’t be paying me to scratch your nuts.

    Then I’d scratch my own nuts and/or dance.

  5. @4 I missed that and it made me laugh again. Like he finished the sentence for the guy… was a little more familiar with Miranda’s “nut scratch” clause.

  6. @6 HA!

    Hey, what happened to that crazy-ass video? Just as I signed in to comment, it went private on me. The fart broke me.

  7. @8 WHAT??? He took it down “due to tremendous unpopularity”??? I don’t believe that. WTF do the people who comment on videos know anyways? They can all suck my balls! Oh wait… I don’t have balls. Well… you get the idea.

    I bet he took it down because he added something in he thought would be funny at the time and then once he thought it over he decided it wasn’t the best idea to have it in there.

  8. @11 LOL. Not if he’s actually preoccupied about its popularity. Nalts probably prefers to purposely pander to a more prosaic population than to a particular poo poo possessed person.

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