Their First Videos Shared Online

HappySlip celebrated 3 years on YouTube with this video, and it made me curious about different people’s first video. So let’s have a look:

HappySlip’s (September 2006)

LisaNova’s (June 2006)

Nalts (January 2006)

MrSafety/SMPFilms (October 2005)

Zipster08 (August 2006)

Michael Buckley (May 2007)

ShaneDawson (June 2008)- but he references a previous one that’s gone

SxePhil (December 2006)- but he also references a previous video

VenetianPrincess (October 2006)

CommunityChannel (September 2006)

MakeMeBad (April 2006) – monster pants… really funny in retrospect

Jonlajoie (June 2007)

ShayCarl (August 2007)

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  1. I originally got an HD video camera a little over two years ago so I could take videos from a trip I had booked to the Galapagos Islands. I never imagined I’d get so involved in YouTube as a result of it. Anyway, I had ordered the camera shipped to my office (didn’t want a $1000+ sitting on my doorstep at my apartment) so within minutes of unboxing it at the office I already had the camera on and was filming my coworkers (had to test it out, right?)

    Anyway, as a result my first video is of one of my coworkers talking about a movie idea. Very exciting for sure.

    Around this same time I was just getting into YouTube and heard about the 777 gathering, so my second video ever was a week later at the 777 gathering in NYC, which stars Wife of Nalts & Nalts (the only people from YouTube I actually knew who were at that time).

    I had raced home from the gathering and edited it together real quick hoping for a lot of views being the first one with a video up, and YouTube actually featured it and I got almost 160k views on my second video ever. From that point on I was hooked.

    First Video – “Ruben’s Brother’s Big Idea”

    Second Video – “NYC YouTube 777 Montage”

  2. The first video I posted on YouTube was a commercial that I wanted to put on a website but didn’t want to waste bandwith, so I used a YouTube embed.

  3. @4 Matt, actually to be fully accurate the first video I posted on YT, and the reason I originally created an account (Jan 2007) was a video originally geared to be an internal commercial for my coworkers. I ended up using google video instead for it since it embedded better at the time into the wiki I was posting it on. After I got my camera (July 2007) I reposted an edited version of it to the public on my youtube chan, but that technically was the first one I ever posted.

  4. I don’t really know what to make of some of these – some got better, some got worse, some turned stale, a couple I still couldn’t get past 3 seconds.

    hard to justify reminising after only three years, which is a life time in technology I guess – like watching home movies from the 50’s or 60s? We sure move fast.

    I didn’t have a camera back then, but I did a little digging and found an image I uploaded to you tube with some music in June 2006. I can’t help, but wonder how far I could have gone on you tube if Renetto had only sent me that cam…

    Three years seems so long ago now, but it’s not rally that long unless you’re a little kid. Charlie was still a baby and now he’s a kid kid, he’s grown and changed more than Renetto.

    Anyway, it got me thinking, what where the most influential videos on you tube?

    How about a top 10 list of what has made You Tube You Tube?

    And from the backrow what were some of the most influential you tube videos, what made you say, ‘I can do that!’ or ‘Let me try.’

    On my top ten list and definitely one of the most influential you tube videos has to be

  5. My first video was shared on in 2002. It was titled Disney Store Fun, and it was filmed in 1999. At the time I was certain video was the next big thing, but I just didn’t have the means or the proper hardware to do many of them. It was filmed on my mom’s camera, and I had to have someone else (Samuel Seide) extract it onto the computer so I could edit it. I just uploaded the raw footage to the Zack Scott Fun Club.

    My first few YouTube videos were Otto videos uploaded in 2006. These were filmed on a Canon digital camera, my first one with video. Prior to that I had an Olympus that did photos only. I’m still very proud of them because the reaction I got from the Metacafe and YouTube crowd is what kept me going.

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