Sylvania DV-120 Reviewed, Rated vs. FlipCam

I recently wrote about the Sylvania DV-128, which was $40 shipped. I called it the “poor man’s FlipCam.” Well unfortunately, you get what you pay for. See the footage compared to the FlipCam Mino… the Sylvania is grainy and the audio is overdone… I had to turn it down so it didn’t blast you.

I was expecting the Sylvania to be lower quality, but not this lame. It’s almost as grainy as a $20 digital camera I bought that’s hidden in a pen. Go for the Flipcam Mino instead.

I was excited that someone was getting into a really approachable price point, but this was a mistake for the company trying to move from lightbulbs to consumer electronics. Erodes trust.

5 Replies to “Sylvania DV-120 Reviewed, Rated vs. FlipCam”

  1. Wow, the audio is awful on the Sylvania and the image is super grainy.

    The FlipCam footage looked pretty bad too (maybe it lost a lot of quality in compression on For about the price of a FlipCam you can get a decent compact digital camera with video capabilities just as good (I’ve had pretty good results with my Canon Powershot).

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