Crowdsourcing a Creator’s Best Videos

I had trouble when putting together my “best of Nalts” DVD because it’s not easy to rank my videos on YouTube or other sites by rating. Also- the ratings aren’t necessarily fair. A popular video ALWAYS gets a lower rating than one that’s seen by a small group of my regular viewers. just invented a cool way to aggregate a bunch of videos and allow for crowd sourcing. Want to participate? You just rank them yourself, or add any others. I like this tool to provide a democratic way to pick my bests… and in general my best videos (“Gum Tree” from 3 years ago is still a favorite) are unknown by most people viewing my videos.

Check out the Nalts Video ranking page they created just to be swell.

9 Replies to “Crowdsourcing a Creator’s Best Videos”

  1. The best videos you’ve made are “The Fart”, that one where you were trying to make Katie laugh and the one where you chased down the hot air balloon.

    The rest offended me.

  2. I like the more topical, some of the personal ones and on the edge videos

    no particular order
    the mall is still my fav
    google earth
    the trippy trick
    12 days
    white buck
    garbage man
    inside cubebreak

    couple others I can’t remember

  3. I seriously thought you had accidentally written “Cum Tree” instead of “Gum Tree”. You did not.


    That was a close one!

  4. How long has Jenn been gone, and look at what California has done to her? She used to be so sweet and innocent!

    My favorite is probably Airport Crawling. I also love when Pipi babysat, the Garagesale prank on Zipster and MOZ, Self doubt & Ego Kevin, and Bedtime at Nalts.

  5. This does seem like a great way to pick classic Nalts videos.

    I think they could do a little better though. IMHO, negative votes shouldn’t count as much as positive votes (maybe they should only be worth 10% – 50% of a thumbs-up). Also, if you know what you are doing, it is quite easy to vote as many times as you want. (I could manipulate the results to rank them however I would like, but that would be pretty pointless and unhelpful.)

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