What is Social Media? Um… Just Watch This and Shut Up

Hours ago I had someone tell me they didn’t know what social media was today. My brother-in-law told me his competitors are using Twitter, and looked at me like he’d just seen a pig fly. Then I stumble into this video.

And I’m, like, yoooooo…. this is the stank baby. This is social media. Oh yeah, oh yeah. The revooolution. Right here. Right now.

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  1. is this an updated version? Somehow I keep thinking I saw this a few years ago.

    There was another one too where this professor or grad student compiled a bunch of interesting stats.

    I think these are kind of interesting,used to think they were impressive, but for some reason I just don’t care about the numbers anymore. That might have a lot to do with our bs political system, I’m tried of being sold to, lied to and the bigger the mob or the appearance of a mob the more I want to stay or push the other way.

    Right now I’m more impressed with the truth rather than numbers.
    Bucking a burgeoning new trend perhaps or heard one too many lies.

  2. Neat video!

    My thing is, look how 1 yr ago EVERYBODY Myspaced. If you look now, some people haven’t logged on in months. It’s Facebook now, for the time being, which I’m already over. I can only take so much information overload before it becomes boring. I wonder who the top dawgs will be a year from now? I totally love user ratings though! I wonder how many of those are corrupted as well.

    One thing that strikes me is the majority of those social media entities have one thing in common. They are FREE or really, really inexpensive! (Granted we pay for internet/ cellular providers) Free to sign up and watch videos, free to Myspace, free to Facebook, free to twitter, free to blog, free to google, $1 a song, $1 an app. Hmmm, I wonder when we will start being charged a $1 an email? Oprah, will you tell everyone that I’m in need of $1, pretty PLEASE? Just $1!!!!!!!!! Bwahhhahahaha. I bet I’ll have $100, 000, 000 in my bank account by next month!

    Is anybody else shocked that the new Yahoo page has a link to AOL email? hahahahahhahahahahahaahaa

  3. this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nk0EOE
    what would I do without you tube favs…

    slightly off topic –
    this evening ironically and out of the blue a pal stopped by with an old VHS copy of Pirates of Silicone Valley- has to be the number one cheesiest movie about computers – if you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it – (it’s on youtube). Another fav is Sneakers.

    Anyways, this got me thinking…. has the computer industry turned into big oil? Where’s all the fancy new stuff Bill Gates was pontificating in 2003 where he decided topretty much give up on the OS? I blamed these visions for Vista. Are they holding out so the money powers that be can catch up and cash in? The Internets is turning into TV!
    Some one is looking to control it.

    The closest we’ve come to TED and what Bill was going on about back then is wireless and the wii, nothing since.

    I want to wave my arms around like a wizard and create magic – I want to think text and send it via telepathy. What gives? Did technology run into a snag, is this all our brains can handle, or do I bore easily and feel a little unchallenged? Did we settle for twitter instead? Maybe there’s something to the idea of narcissism and why the aliens haven’t contacted us yet. Scary thoughts.

    Seeing how fast we’ve moved according to the video above just seems like we’ve come full stops.


  4. This will probably come across as trite:

    Last night at about 1:30 I was thinking of posting a somewhat thoughtful response to this, and then I remembered that I had to be up the next morning so that we could get our five year old to kindergarten and get the 2, almost 3 year old ready for her first day of pre-school, and then stop at the dry cleaner on the way to work. It was going to be a long day–there were a lot of difficult things that I had to be at least somewhat fresh for so that I could concentrate.

    I think I’m probably pretty lucky. I’m the type who would ask “Is that all there is?” and “Why are things like this?” all the time if it weren’t for my kids and the activities I fixate on. Actually, I still ask those questions. I think it’s good to ask those questions. Too bad more people don’t. But anyway, having to engage in “normal life” keeps me from getting overwhelmed by those thoughts. And not drinking helps. That’s my first rule for a good life:

    Just don’t drink.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, jischinger. I hope there is a place on this blog for more stuff like this.

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