Eat Your Heart Out, I Made “Internet People 2”

Editorial update: See this site for more information. Thanks, Travis!

Nalts Cartoon internet people brentalfloss

Oh yeahhhh… Nalts ranking it up with some seriously online killers. Thanks Brentalfloss! Feeling cool! Here’s the Internet People original, which will remind you of some classics (most of which you’ll hear about again from your mom soon since she discovered Facebook).

Oh- and then there’s this version (the angrier Nalts), which incorporates some of the live images. See Spintown7 for this video.

Nalts cartoon spintown7

5 Replies to “Eat Your Heart Out, I Made “Internet People 2””

  1. Haha. For a sequel, that was pretty good. I have to say I really liked Zipster’s picture.

    And good for Edbassmaster! Being in this song means he’s made it! I suppose he has you and Oprah to thank.

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