If YouTube, Google, Twitter & Facebook Were Cartoon People

If the popular websites were cartoon people, what would they look like? Elontirien on deviantART has the answer below (via ContenttoCommerce).

Perhaps nothing is amusing as Dr. Google staring in disdain at his adolescent son/brother, YouTube (shooting the bird with both hands).


5 Replies to “If YouTube, Google, Twitter & Facebook Were Cartoon People”

  1. Cute. I found the very young twitterer a little odd considering (at least until recently) twitter is more popular with middle aged males than the tweens who seem to prefer the privacy of facebook.

  2. Most of the tweens in my school use MySpace. They don’t like Facebook because it’s not customizable (i.e., they can’t gaud up their pages with wallpaper and other doo-dads). That is fortunate for us teachers, who prefer Facebook and prefer not to have students stumbling across our pages.

  3. That’s interesting Marilyn. Down here, (at least in my experience as a tween) Facebook is by far the dominant social networking site. MySpace fell out of style maybe five or so years ago and in the rare event that it is discussed in tween conversation, it is usually mentioned derisively.

    I’m wondering why deviantART was included in this ensemble. Maybe I just live under a rock, but it hasn’t even been on my radar. Does anybody else consider it a major player like YouTube or Wikipedia?

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