Buy YouTube Merchandise at Google Store

Thanks to TechCrunch for the update that the Google store now has YouTube merchandise. Come and get ’em. T-shirts and more. Now what YouTube should do is allow people to apply their YouTube Partner income credit toward this stuff.

T-shirts, jackets, bibs, water bottles, and even hats (for you people trying to hide receding hairlines).

YouTube STore

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  1. You know, Alexis… I struggle with that a lot. On one hand, I like wearing “Life is Good” shirts. But on the other, I can’t stand shirts with giant NIKE written on them. I feel like I’m whoring them out (whether I’m on camera or not). Since YouTube is special to me, I’d probably buy some of this stuff… and of course people will think I’m pimpin’ or got it free.

  2. I think some of the things they have in there are a little ridiculous. Onesies? Baby hats? A bib? That’s overkill. I agree with Nalts with the whole feeling like you’re whoring them out when you wear the other stuff, but with Nalts youtube is part of his job. That’s sort of like wearing a company shirt. For everyone else… I don’t really know. The jackets are actually sort of nice, and I’d wear that, but I’m not so sure about the shirts. I really think Youtube is pushing it with some of the stuff in there… mostly the baby stuff… and I just gotta say it.

    13$ for a pen?

  3. @Nalts: Actually, I don’t mind being a walking billboard so much (unless the logo is obnoxiously overbearing) as the idea of paying for the privilege of doing so.

    When I opened a bank account at Wells Fargo, I got a free shirt (which I wear fairly regularly when I run out of my dozen or so geeky math shirts) with a smallish unimposing logo on the back. This is the kind of deal I like.

    I usually cringe at the idea of buying ANY T-shirts since I already have plenty (many of which I acquired for free). I only buy “branded” shirts for things I care really care about and am intimately involved in (for example Texas A&M Gymnastics*). I do occasionally buy math shirts, or more often receive them as gifts from my family, but this is slightly different. I certainly do care about and am involved in mathematics but it’s not promoting any particular group (I’m just declaring myself to be a math ├╝bergeek). Since YouTube is near and dear to your heart, I promise I won’t look down on you for pimpin’ their gear.

    BTW, thanks for using my real name this time.

    *Speaking of which…I’m finally back in the gym as of this week! So if you like gymnastics, I’ll be posting more videos on my channel ( in the weeks to come.

  4. I would definitely look down on anyone pimpin’ YT gear. I might even stop, point and laugh. Seriously, who would wear that?

  5. I just meant anyone wearing that stuff. Selling it is another matter. If people are willing to buy that stuff, great.

  6. Oh thank God! My christmas shopping is all done! Whew! It would only be better had they had a “wrapped gift box” option.

    To each their own. I remember when you were getting all that backlash for selling your own products. I used Nike as an example too. I bought a Nalts hat cause I liked the brand and wanted to support it. If I don’t like it, I won’t buy it. Plain and simple. (Not that I don’t like your DVD Kevin, you just left out some of my favorites. My favorites are not the viral ones though) UncleNalts is a nice refresher, although its becoming mainstream quite fast! *gulp*


  7. I’m kinda torn between the whole walking-billboard-paying-google-to-advertise-themselves thing…But at the same time I love YouTube and new media, and I’m really stoked to be a vlogger. So I dunno.

    There’s one shirt in particular I’ve envisioned for a while and if they had it I would buy it for sure. (Heck, maybe it already exists) “As seen on (YouTube Logo)”

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