Michael Jackson Is Still Alive… Hoax or Hoax?

Captured by LiveLeak, here’s the “King of Pop” sneaking out of the coroner van (see below).

We believe it. I mean, there’s video proof.

Okay, maybe not. Top 8 Reasons to Determine this is a Hoax:

  1. No “real” news pickup… even the tabloids. Not even Snopes!
  2. Indignant post by Ben Parr, tech reporter (mashable).
  3. Van is allegedly not the same.
  4. The driver doesn’t bother looking to see if anyone is watching. We kinda think he might have noticed a cameraman and used the van to cover the exit.
  5. The camera is suspiciously amateurish… with its deliberate push/pulls to show the gate.
  6. No audio gasps from the camera person, or even the slightest attempt to sneak under gate for what would be a paparazzi’s wet dream.
  7. The furious comments on AssociatedContent.
  8. Oh- then there’s this Examiner article that claims CNN reports it was a confessed hoax by German TV Station RTL. Not much online to back that up, but here’s a Polish newspaper (translated) that supports it.

8 Replies to “Michael Jackson Is Still Alive… Hoax or Hoax?”

  1. Is there even any reason at all to think it is MJ? It doesn’t even show the person’s face. I with Marilyn on this one; even if he were still alive it wouldn’t make much difference to me.

  2. Marquis- how is that I didn’t know you were security at a morgue? SURELY there must be a good video about that… and I missed it?

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