Nalts Consulting Logo Finalists: Please Vote Below

Can you tell I’m an ENFP on the Meyers Briggs? Entrepreneurial but a “perceiver” that lets important decisions stew too long.

So it’s time to pick a logo- please vote! Winner gets $100. Per this WVFF post, there were nearly 150 plus entries (see recent blog post and collection on flickr).

  • Some were hysterical (and I’ll use in Nalts videos or on my Nalts branding).
  • Some were so bad they were funny.
  • But in general I was BLOWN AWAY by the talent out there.
  • Some incredible designs, and it was torture to comb it down to 5.

MomofNalts helped, and we debated some fiercely. For example, I love the simplicity and professional Minneola24’s key-like one… but a lot of people didn’t get it. I thought these N’s by Teaser (which I missed initially) were awesome.

Based on unanimous feedback, the hat logo by jaques is fantastic, but belongs more to Nalts than a “trusted & timeless” consulting firm (I’m already using it on UncleNalts). Candidly, I’m still not sure the hat doesn’t belong. But it lacks as much meaning to a large brand that doesn’t know Nalts.

There are a bunch of logos from the batch that deserve to be among the finalists, but Buzzbite only allows 5 choices on this poll. So a great thanks and apology to any of you creative designers that took the initiative. I’m grateful.

Please vote below! Here’s the code, then use the widget to cast your vote based on the arbitrary names I gave each image.

Nalts Consulting logos

30 Replies to “Nalts Consulting Logo Finalists: Please Vote Below”

  1. I’m a logo designer myself. After looking all of them over I would definitely choose #1, the TV.
    #2 looks quit amateur and the awkward “C” doesnt meld well with the straight-laced, squared-off “N”
    #3 was going to be my choice, but the space between the two words is too great. Also, there’s so much attention given to the “Nalts” (what with the black coloring and the eye-catching red “N”) and so little attention placed on “Consulting”.
    #4 is also very nice, but I think if the orange circle/moon were to be reduced down in size so that the top of it was in line with the top of the Ascender (in this case the “l”) it would be much more conformed and have a feeling of unity that currently doesn’t exist between the Courier-esque typeface and the playful circle.
    #5 is good, but it doesn’t seem to get the point across of what you do. It does, however, bring out the fact that “If you utilize Nalts consulting you’ll go from the back of the pack to the front” bythe seemingly 3D effect of the ellipse coming up and out at you form the logo itself.

    Hope I helped :] It was nice to finally meet you at 789.

    -Ben Hughes

  2. I don’t really like any of these either, but if I had to pick one I would go with the first one (with the last one as my second choice). I love the hate logo but understand why it may not work.

    If you ever decide to run another logo contest, you should think about doing it through That way you could harness the talent of your thousands of fans as well as the talent of many of the amazing artists who frequent the site. It would also provide a more organized system for feedback and ratings.

    If I were you, I’d award the prize to jaques for the hat logo which is almost unanimously the crowd favorite and run another contest if you decide not to use it for your professional logo. I’m convinced that somebody out there has an idea as brilliant as the hat logo while being more appropriate for a professional consulting logo.

  3. Damn! My “Nalts Consulting” logo enclosed in a fart bubble idea isn’t on the short list. Oh well, back to the drawing board…thingy..

  4. I would strongly suggest considering where you plan on using the logos and then testing to see how these fit into the layouts… for instance, sattelite tv has what appears to be tiny text under the company name… making it tough to shrink, whereas nautiswoop is square, making it tough to fit into wide headers/banners, but it makes a good bug overlay on videos

  5. Phil C: Agreed, those were the considerations I had in my design. PLUS mine had the ability to lay out Horizontally or Stacked without loosing Identity.

    That is why I voted SquareN. All those considerations. Clean, Professional and Simple.

  6. Hey Nalts, I started messing with the hat logo using the online vector editor at Unfortunately I can’t save the vector based version to my computer, only a flattened raster (pixel based) graphic with an Aviary watermark.

    I used screen capture to save the file as best as I could. You can see it here:

    It’s not as good as I would like (it was my first ever attempt at creating a vector graphics though so I’m satisfied with it), but it is a little cleaner than the original version by jaques. Let me know what you think!

  7. Hey Nalts and all!

    I realize that it’s not a part of the finalists, and it’s way late, but I felt compelled to post this regardless of the contest situation. I made the first entry, but after getting a lot of feedback I realized it could be done much, MUCH better than it was. So I did just that:

    I did send it in, but it was late after all and may have gotten lost in the mix. Even if it can’t be considered, I wanted it to be seen at least because I put a lot of effort into trying to make a truly professional design.

    That being said, while due to my ever-increasing standard I don’t care for my original design at all, of these five I’d give it to 4 or 5. Either might be better with a more stylized typeface (as I discovered with my own), though.

  8. Hey neutralist,
    Nice new design. Just remove the lil text below the consulting and ya have something. That might work on a Thsirt, but something small liek a business card, all that lil text becomes just blobs of ink. That coul dbe just enlarged and moved to a different part.

  9. @neutralist I *really* like the new version you did! I knew somebody could do better than the five shown here. I like your previous version only just slightly better than the other four, but your revised version would be the clear winner in my mind. (LOLed at the first link you gave. Not what I was expecting!)

    Nalts, any thoughts about rebooting the contest as per my suggestion (see #10) or in some other way? Methinks it might work better if we vote to choose the top three to five and you choose the winner of those (instead of the other way around).

  10. @23 I think neutralist’s design would work pretty well for a website banner or something similar. If he were to use it on a business card, he could change it up a bit like removing the small text as part of the logo (maybe put it somewhere else) and moving the word “consulting” underneath the monitor and “nalts”. Or something like that. The particular layout of the logo can be modified to suit the environment it is intended for; the design is the important thing for now (IMHO).

  11. Speaking of OCD, my sister shaved her armpits the other day which emancipated a whole slew of fleas into my dog and beard. I had to shave both. The dog hates getting her butt shaved. I don’t know why. I like it myself.

  12. @kiddsock: That’s a good point. Of course, I have the original image files right at hand and could easily edit them however need be for whatever purpose. 🙂

    @Alexis: Thanks! And heh, that first link is what I get for posting in a hurry. I like the idea of using Worth1000 and doing another contest just for the sake of getting a really professional logo, and having a vote for top 3-5. I do like how my design turned out quite a bit, but I know it wouldn’t hold up to the real pros.

    I’m not really concerned about the contest and the prize so much about Nalts getting a really professional quality, business-oriented design–as seems to be the case with a lot of people, I see, which is awesome!

    And I missed it before, but awesome work with the hat logo! Looks fantastic. 🙂

  13. hey Neutralist, once you get to know the techniques the printing/promotional products industry uses, you can watch out for the limits with design & logos. Plus you want the brand to be flexible. so when you adjust for different sizes/shapes, that the design does not look like it changed. In fact there are legal issues to watch out for with a Company’s branding. A lot of times company will come up with “Standards Manual” to define what can and can not be done with logo’s designs, etc. I have worked with some big ones and it is Interesting.

    hey nalts, What advice can you give a SockPuppet?

  14. @neutralist I with you. I just want to make sure that Nalts gets something really nice and professional looking (I don’t really care much about the prize, even if I did have a shot at winning it). To me, it seems like he’s not taking this seriously enough and I’d hate to see him end up using an amateurish logo just because he didn’t get a chance to see some really professional ones.

    I do think your design could hold up against even the prefessionals. What it may (or may not) lack in professionalism, it makes up for in its great concept and attractive simplicity.

    Also, thanks for the complements! You can see my most recent version (as of 9/01/2009) here:
    I’ve adjusted the colors to be closer to the real hat and added the UncleNalts text which he seems to want.

    @28 I will defer to you about the intricate details involved in designing a logo, but it is probably a good idea to remember that NaltsConsulting is a small company not burdened with as much bureaucracy as a corporate giant. A “Standards Manual” hardly seems appropriate. It is definitely a good idea to watch out for the limits of logos, but IMHO it may be a bit premature to be overly concerned with the exact details of the logo.

  15. With only 11 hours remaining to vote, the BuzzDash poll has a scant 119 votes. I’m curious what you are going to do Nalts.

    Are you going to get this over with and pick the Nautiswoop logo or are you going to find a better way to run a contest? As someone who consistently gripes about video contests, I think you should take a dose of your own medicine and see if you can successfully orchestrate a simpler kind of contest on a smaller scale.

    I suggested you contract with people who successfully run contest like this all the time (see my previous posts). If you think you can do as well without the middleman, go for it, but the design of and the response to your current contest are rather disappointing.

    I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to do and I hope you end up with a logo you really like.

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