The Google Money Tree

My sister is doing a story on the Google Money Tree, and I thought I’d write about it — if for no other reason — to scoop her and her “big media.”

I hadn’t heard of it before, so I googled it. Seems it’s a scam that locks you into a regular fee, and cost you to cancel. In fact the FTC tracked it down (see official site). The scammers claimed they were with Google, and had a way to make $100,000 in a year. Of course they didn’t tell you you’d be charged $72.21 a month.

Since the Google Money Tree’s website is surely gone (or at least not spidered by Google), here’s all you need to know: The FTC charge.


You know, instead of trying to get rich from a Google Money Tree scam, I suggest just making a donation to me. You’re guaranteed to receive no service or product in return, but also be free from any scams, additional upsells, or life-time membership dues. Plus if you go for the most-popular “Gold” level plan ($20) you’re likely to receive good luck within 2-3 days.

Nalts Donation

10 Replies to “The Google Money Tree”

  1. I wish them luck on ever being able to collect money from me. You have to have money for them to be able to collect.

    I’m taking Microeconomics… it sucks. It’s a reminder of how greedy people are and how most only care about money and not about people.

  2. @2: You didn’t know that already? 😉

    Seriously, not everyone is just out for a buck. I switched careers several years ago when I decided I no longer had the motivation to continue on my upwardly mobile job track. I took a large pay cut. Had I stayed in my previous profession, I would more than likely be making 6 figures by now. Instead, I am a teacher and will never see that kind of money in my paycheck. But I am happy.

  3. @1 It looks to me like the PayPal link actually works. I’m not sure I want to enter valid credit card information to test it though.

    Nalts, you should update your PayPal thing since you don’t work at Merck anymore (or can you even do that? I’m not very familiar with PayPal). Oh, and what’s your return policy on the “good luck”?

    @4 Hooray for taking a pay cut to do what you love!

  4. The last time I let you scheme me into something I ended up having to watch your kids for over a year and a half.

    I think I’ve aged 10 years. My hair is thinning and I have crow’s feet, now.


  5. @6 – BSoN, I think I know somebody who can set you up with hair restoration services and products … will probably cost you more than you ever earned babysitting, but they’ll be top-of-the-line.

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