What’s Engagement Anyway? Forrester’s Four I’s

Engagement is the new “portal.” It’s tossed around so much, we have varying definitions. I use it broadly to refer to any action on the part of the media “consumer.” If they watch my video, that’s kinda engagement, but if they comment, respond, follow a link, purchase a product… that’s far more interesting.

Here’s Forrester’s Brian Haven with his shiny head and retro glasses, espousing the four I’s: involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence (source: Content to Commerce blog). What’s worth noting is that you’re not likely to be influential without interacting and connecting (intimacy), yet most brands try to jump right to influence. Kinda like popping an engagement ring on a blind date. Ewww.

“We need to provide content and tools within the context of use… this is where engagement’s going to happen.”

Notice my embed box matches his glasses.

4 Replies to “What’s Engagement Anyway? Forrester’s Four I’s”

  1. That was so boring! All I could focus on were his glasses. He really made a poor choice in the selection of the colors for his shirt and glasses. It made him look like a giant penis. He needs to throw in a little color to break up the phallic look he has going on.

    If you are going to be a giant penis you have to at least be funny.

    (I bet if he reads my comment he will totally subscribe to my channel)

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