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  1. Thanks, Onmyphone. 🙂

    Ahem. Okay. My turn.

    (A true story)
    by Marquisdejolie

    On the anniversary of your return
    to this toxically antiseptic purebred mongrel aluminum-sided
    country of ingeniously lobotomized pastel-colored Greed clones,
    You decided IT.

    With the high infidelity-travelling worst class religious
    three-piece suit disguised mind masturbating fascists
    and their herpes infected quiche-eating debutante consorts
    scavenging through your pockets,
    And their by-product puke-haired sexless New Wave psuedo intellectual
    soda pop sophisticate sons and daughters
    with THEIR neo-liberal arts concept of cheaply-paid-for individualism media broadcast through your sensibilities,
    And the tired Catholic recalibrations of politically expediant
    mass market tested logical positivist back door morality
    shorting out your heart and brain,
    And brother veterans’ ceaseless whining to and panhandling from
    the guiltless ridden draft-deferred de rigueured shame accountants
    embarrassing you to your patriotic core,
    IT decided YOU.

    With ALL decided,
    you stepped into your over-mortgaged
    imitation life father knows best den,
    sat in your favorite recovered lumpy
    hand-me-down Gerber-stained lounge chair,
    put the barrel of your NRA approved
    Brazilian-made blue metal .38 in your mouth,
    cocked the hammer,
    and fired.

    In cold October.
    I miss you.
    And now,
    my Octobers
    are colder.

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