“YouTubes In the Crowd” May Go to Googles at the Internets

I’m so glad that CarriBugbee shared this on The Twitter.

Here’s a video clip  that sets things straight about the Internets and technology vernacular.

Rachel Maddow’s correspondent Kent Jones shows how Montana Senator Max Bacchus referred to lots of “YouTubes in the Crowd.” A double whammy because he pluralized YouTubes, and presumably was thinking not about the website but the “motion-picture devices” recording things. You know those talkee recordings have sound now?

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8 Replies to ““YouTubes In the Crowd” May Go to Googles at the Internets”

  1. Funny thing this YouTube; it could actually make Politicians be careful about what they say… instant accountability!

    Perish the thought considering so many Politicians began as Lawyers, you know how to tell if a Lawyer/Politician is lying don’t you? Simple if their lips are moving they’re lying!

    Thanks for sharing this story… I found a deeper meaning, BTW how’s the head healing?

    ciao bello

  2. I just love how much politicians don’t realize that clips of their flubs are floating around there on the interwebs. … And they try to deny that they said it … yeah.

  3. I’m even more incredulous when politicians say outrageous things on national television shows and then pretend they never did. Obviously a major network is neither going to lose the footage nor miss an opportunity to trot it out whenever politicians contradict themselves.

    Cheney has to be one of the biggest offenders of this, though Senator John Ensign is nipping at his heels lately. Michelle Bachman gets the wack-a-doodle award for most frequently outrageous self-contradictions.

  4. I was walking to the BART station this morning and realized I had to fart. I decided to try and squeak one out. Well… there was no little squeak… it was REALLY loud! That was the point where I realized there were 2 guys walking behind me. They should be more careful who they choose to walk behind.

  5. @4, ha Nutcheese…I work in a controlled environment and the air is circulated every few seconds…I can literally be talking to my manager and let one rip. I love it!

  6. This all reinforces the concept that politicians are out of touch elitists. I remember Reagan was unable to tell a reporter how much a loaf of bread cost and Bush “the First” couldn’t identify the cost of a gallon of milk.

    Politicians should be forced to endure a “Live like a Common Person” Day at least once a year.

    I’ll go back to waxing my Nets-Surf board now..

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