Oprah Oprah Oprah Orah. Book the Vlogbrothers!

The Nerdfighters have spoken. We need our pioneers, our forefathers, our world desuckers… on Oprah. It’s a story beyond stories. Two brothers uniting a world via online video. It’s the highest altruistic use of social media. They’re fascinating. They draw, sing, write, perform, entertain. They’re the vlog brothers. And I’ve never seen so many comments as my initial post about them (except when I was giving away free cheese for the best comment).

5 Replies to “Oprah Oprah Oprah Orah. Book the Vlogbrothers!”

  1. Ellen is better, I tell you. Somehow I feel she would be more amenable to having them on her show.

  2. @2 Marquis- guilty as charged. Wait until I wear a vlogbrothers shirt with a megaphone in front her building. Then you’ll see some serious Nalts the Milkman. P.S. Pitch.

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