Oprah: Get Hank and John on TV to Show the REAL YouTube

You know who you should have on your show, Oprah? Hank and John of Vlogbrothers, who became popular when they communicated for a year strictly through alternating “video blogs” (vlogs).


Here’s the pitch, Oprah producer (or someone who knows them and will forward this on). The two guys have a loyal following of “Nerdfighters” who use online-video to reduce world suck. They’re smart, talented, and nice guys… and are helping promote a new YouTube volunteer program. Their fans proudly wear the Nerdfighter badge, and rally the community in funny and life-enhancing ways. It’s not cats and skateboards. But it’s indicative of the power of social media (and video, its most visceral form) to influence masses… in positive ways.

If I was promoting an important cause, I can think of no greater honor online than having John and Hank lend their influential voice.

In fact the only thing they’re not good at promoting is themselves… because it’s not ABOUT Hank or John. It’s about improving the world.

And that’s why I’m pitching you for them, dear Oprah. I would like to be in the green room as they prepare to enter the stage. Because I’ll totally moon one of them before they join you on TV to help improve the world.

P.S. If you’re a nerd fighter, join the cause! Get Hank and John on Oprah, where they can maximize their reach beyond the inner YouTube community!

vlog brothers promote video volunteers on youtube

30 Replies to “Oprah: Get Hank and John on TV to Show the REAL YouTube”

  1. YES! Imagine if Oprah was feeling generous and gave us a deserted island for Nerdfighteria! YES! LET THEM ON! Sorry John for all the caps.

  2. if there are nerdfighters then there will be Oprah. If Nerdfighters can bring people into existence (Paige Railstone) then this will be an easy task.

  3. As soon as you wrote the word “pitch” I fell immediately and deeply to sleep. I awoke hours later to see the sun had dipped below the horizon of killer pines here in east Texas.

    Yeah, somebody on Oprah. Okay. Yawn. I don’t even have a clue what channel she’s on. Or what time her show starts. She has a TV show, right?

  4. Umm. how do we get around to doing that?! i mean this is VERY exciting and everything but umm how do we DO it?
    nerdfighters are as always united. tell us what to do!

  5. This is an excellent idea!

    Oprah’s people, what they have to say would most CERTAINLY fill an entire segment, if not the whole show. They are funny and nerdhandsome and kind.


  6. that would be great! Especially if she gave us an island.

    “You get an Island, You Get an Island EVERYONE HERE GETS AN ISLANDDDDD”

    Please pick them =D

  7. YES! The world needs less suck and what better way to get the message out there than doing it on the freaking Oprah show!

  8. Then Hank and John could tell Oprah how they pwnd her with Youtube subscriptions. I think she would like that. 🙂

  9. There’s a link on her website where you can send a message suggesting people/stories to be on the show. Perhaps if enough of us send in the vlogbrothers as a suggestion, they’ll be researched and considered!

    Here’s the link: https://www.oprah.com/ord/plugform.jsp?plugId=216

    It would be most winful if John and Hank made it to Oprah. They’re such wonderful people, and as said before, not only for empowering nerds, but for doing so much good in the world!

  10. I’m all about reducing world suck! Hank and John seem to genuinely nice guys and are truly entertaining in a way that is totally opposite of you Kevin. ;o)

    Not that that’s a bad thing. Yes Rebecca, there are 40something NerdFighters out there.

  11. @Marilyn. I was wondering who in the hell all these people are too. It’s discouraging seeing so many positive comments on this blog.

    A message for all the new folk here… I took a very lovely dump this morning and I wanted to share that information with you. It was an “S” shape just like Oprah told me it should be. Oprah is the queen of shit!

  12. @Nutcheese: Thanks for sharing. I hope you brought a spark of pleasure to the strangers on this blog with your vivid description of your morning constitutional.

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