Gary Coleman: So Sad He’s Cool Again

New York Fries (via agency zig, which has the best agency website I’ve seen) has found a new pitch man in Gary Coleman (Different Strokes, and most recently seen in the National Inquirer falling asleep as a call-center employee).

It’s so bad it’s good again! A Facebook app will give you your fortune predicted by Coleman. I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work, but I’m quite confident he’d have shouted “what you talkin’ about Willis?” to me. And given the opportunity, I’ll buy the fries to honor this nostalgic, contemporary campaign.

Do you suppose even if this Facebook application was developed offshore in India… it still cost more than Coleman’s cut of this campaign? If was at Zig, I’d have ensured the contract had Coleman do 2 hours of media, and cook fries for 2 days. How cool would that footage be? You go buy some fries, and Gary Coleman is serving them.

There’s your viral angle, Zig. For free.


Author: Nalts

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4 thoughts on “Gary Coleman: So Sad He’s Cool Again”

  1. I got 25 predictions, one for each Facebook friend. Cute. Total time waste on me since I’m thousands of miles away from their nearest store. Nice ta tas on the chick.

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