Watch Me Get a Hair Transplant Live!

It’s official. I’m getting a hair transplant on Monday, Aug. 17 with one of the leading physicians in the field!

If you’d like to watch part of it live, Alan (fallofautumndistro) will be MCing a 30-minute session from 12:30-1:00 at this location. I’m writing my book about online-video marketing (likely publishing with Wiley) and Alan has written “YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Chart.” More importantly, Alan is savvy with the whole live-broadcast thing, and it intimidates me (unlike getting a hair transplant live for the world).

I’ve got a full Q&A about the process on a separate blog called “Hair Insider.” Check it out. If for no other reason, you’ll enjoy feeding the virtual fish.

inside hairloss: a blog by a guy who did it

12 Replies to “Watch Me Get a Hair Transplant Live!”

  1. Ecclesiastes 1.2
    I predict if all goes well you’ll be on Oprah.

    Q: Where exactly do they take the hair from to plant in your head?

    Not sure I’ll be watching the live feed (shiver), but it sure gives a whole new meaning to, ‘how I spent my summer vacation’ and home movies.

    this is one thing I’ll never have to face- with more hair than I know what to do with; a lineage coming from Samson – thick, plentiful with a solid white DNA to look forward to – If there’s one thing we’ve got it’s a family of hair. Could I spin it into gold I’d gladly give you some

    Best of Luck Kevin!

  2. I wondered that too, NutCheese.

    Hey – inquiring minds want to know – did you cut a deal to get the transplants done for free in exchange for lots of publicity for the doctor?

  3. Hi, Dahliak. I didn’t have to pay Dr. Bauman’s regular rates because I told him I’d document it. Not getting paid, but also not entirely unbiased. But I wouldn’t endorse him if I hadn’t heard and seen so many good things. Some of ’em (the transplant docs) are horrifying.

    And for the record, the donor hairs come from the back of the head. Posting video about it. Come on and watch live! It’ll be fun. Katie didn’t go live on TV did she?

  4. Make this a truly interactive live procedure … let your fans tweet in their opinions how far forward on the forehead the restored hairline should go, whether to add a widow’s peak, etc.

    Come on. That would REALLY get attention for being both online video and social media. You might even get featured on Couric’s nightly newscast. Or, a late-night infomercial on cable.

  5. @6, ha! That’s an awesome idea! We can request a transplanted handle-bar mustache! One that will never go away! Sweet! I think she’s on to something there Kev, definitely be on Oprah then.

    Oh, and yes she did do a colonoscopy on air. She was out of it, laughing and giggling. I think you should do the same, laugh and giggle about how you shaved your pubes off and saved it for the doc to transplant.

    I’ve gotten accostomed to how you are and I like you just the way you are, but if this is a total failure…we will have something new to make fun of you about!!!! WVFF readers rejoice!

  6. ^ aimin’ a bit low there aren’t cha?
    good for curtailing (get it) expectations I guess

    geeze, I need to find better jokes
    gonna go feed Kevin’s fish

    but before I do, I think think there ought to be a song about Kevin’s transplant

    The Legend of Nalts’ Transplant
    I can hear Rhett and Link singin’ the story now…

    Twas late to mid-summer aswayling
    And Kavin was gazin’ the mirror
    He notice his premier, was short on the frontier
    And he lost all his baby curls

    His finger ran through what was left of the mess,
    but there wasn’t much mess that was left
    so he thought is a flash, I’ll borrow more cash and
    and get me a full head of thatch

    To me, way, hey, I’ll blow dry away
    With flocks that will tickle and swirl
    And I’ll go to a barber down by the harbor
    feelin’ pretty just like a girl
    So it’s way, hey, I blow em away
    The caps were all fine for a while
    and when I remove it ’ll be new and improved it
    No more glabrous head will be mine

    Want More?

  7. well it is a pirate song and pirates do have a lot of hair and I figure since he’s pirating it from the back and bringing it to the front…
    made sense to me

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