Second-Best Guest in Recent “This Week in Media”

“Kevin just does a great job of bringing together the advertising perspective and creator perspective of social media and online video,” says Daisy Whitney, Queen of Online Video, in reference to this blog.

Whitney is now working with iMediaConnection, which was news to me during this week’sThis Week in Media (I’m one of two guests on the recent show, which covers some cool topics and has some funny moments). Whitney also invited me to run a class about online-video marketing at the next iMediaConnection session October 25, 2009. It’s in Henderson, Nevada. If you’re on a brand team you can probably get an invite, but I think agencies and vendors have to pay… worth it.

Check out this week’s “This Week in Media” for some interesting banter about the latest and greatest in emerging media. The above link (in bold) takes you to iTunes, and here’s the source list on Daisy’s site. Here’s a site to stream it if you’re not into iTunes or Macs

You know this show was a BLAST to record, so I’m hoping they have me back. It kinda revived my interest in talk radio. I thought there was a video version because I stared into a webcam the whole time, but it works better as a radio show. Download it and listen to it as you jog. 🙂

6 Replies to “Second-Best Guest in Recent “This Week in Media””

  1. …while I jog? Really?

    Speaking of jogging. How is your treadmill doing? Ya know…now that the repairman removed the two forks and random keys that were chillin’ in there.

  2. ^
    Treadmill schmeadville, I recently rebuilt an actual bicycle that I had dug out of a Culver City dumpster back in my bumming days and I’ve been pedaling my fat ass all over the neighborhood lately. Well, all over the 2 blocks around mom’s house. The hayfever is killing me.

  3. Kevin, when you teach that class, please don’t fall off the dais or stage or whatever they have. I know the temptation is great. Maybe you could ask in advance that they provide a level surface and have nothing that would support a pratfall.

  4. @3 Will ask for padding.
    @4 It’s like a man crush, but she’s a blonde.
    @1 A broken treadmill, alas, is not a valid excuse.

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