Online Video is Growing, Say Experts. Especially at Lunch Time.

eMarketer reports online video is growing. Mkay. Not sure I have a lot to add to this, but Larry Kress has some analysis. Here’s the index of the report in case you feel like buying it for me. Paul Verna wrote it, but never interviewed me. So it must not be very comprehensive.

Oh- and online-video occurs during the lunch hour, according to this study by Yahoo and 15 other companies. So if you’re reading this at lunch, go watch Nalts.

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  1. the first thing I always do before I read the words from the “experts” is go to the company’s About Page, then read the backgrounds of the people who run the place. I always pay close attention to the size of type used and if they list that internship job they had for the summer months back in college as part of their resume.

  2. @2: So sukatra’s MIA for a couple of days, and you miss her. I’m MIA for a couple of days and no one notices. Thanks a lot, people.

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