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  • There are three types of readers of this blog. Those that scan it for industry tips, people who find it accidentally via my videos, and those of you who are hard-core members of the WillVideoForFood backrow. This one’s for you, peeps.
  • Last night I took the kids to recreation station, a playground near our house. The creepy ice cream man came (see video).
  • I haven’t been keeping up on comments here, but let’s get back at making this a dialogue not a monologue, mkay? Did you know you can subscribe to my videos via e-mail at Maybe that can get you the coveted “first” comment.
  • Jared does an expose on a scam contest site. Interesting.
  • I’m gonna get a hair transplant. Don’t tell anyone, though. People think that’s a sign of vanity or insecurity, so I want to keep it on the low down. Not plugs, mind you… the kind that many celebrities get, and are undetectable. Hey- it’s national hairloss awareness month (August). As I said on Twitter, the other 11 months hairloss awareness is known as “mirror.” Seriously, though, why is it a source of pride to treat erectile dysfunction, but shame on those that care about their receding hairline? I told BSON (babysitter of Nalts) that I wanted to do for hair treatment what Al Gore did for ED (on a lesser scale via social media unlike the mad blast of Pfizer-supported television). She looked at me very strangely. And she hasn’t shown any interest in violin scoring my cheeto-man video (a guy I caught on tape popping one after another in an OCD style).
  • Wiley is considering publishing my book. So after 3 years of toying with it, maybe I’ll eventually get this puppy written.
  • I should vlog about this. But it’s dark, and Charlie just woke up.
  • Not talking much about my dad’s death because it’s hard, and I promised I’d run stuff by my mom first. She’s got more pressing issues than reviewing a video. I admired Zipster08 doing vlogs as he lost his dad. It made him real to me.
  • Charlie and I finally set up our garden. A little late because we’ve been redoing the whole backyard. Jo replaced our mold-filled pool house with something I could use as an office (but right now I gotta do NaltsConsulting out of a real office near our home).
  • You know the only thing I don’t like about consulting independently? The sales aspect… I really hate getting sales calls, so placing them isn’t easy. That’s one of the reasons I only lasted a year at KPMG. Some people are born for cold calling, but I find it more difficult than pranking.
  • Finally talked to Spencer, and I think I realize why he’s not been eager to do a prank video. More on that later today if I can finish the video for the peak posting hour (4 EST, 1 pacific). That seems to be the HAWT time to post. “Bring Spencer back” is such a common refrain. Truth is, I scared him with a hitchhiker prank, and I feel so bad. I pulled the video. No views are worth being mean.
  • I haven’t been able to read many of my comments on YouTube lately because when you’re dealing with a family death, it’s quite annoying to read messages that are negative. Although I did quite like the comment that I’m a douche-bag. If YouTube was to get an enema, they’d stick the tube in Nalts. Maybe I’ll make that my new banner tag-line.
  • Patrick finished swimming, and did really well. Now he’s doing tackle football. Yipes. Grant is obsessed with his DSi. Some guy from Babson is launching a tween social-networking gaming site, and we’ve been trying to connect. Katie’s almost a tween, right? She’s 11 in October.
  • Man my sleep has been messed up lately. Backed off on the caffeine in the afternoon, and that makes me pooped by 10.
  • Charlie is now moving a chair to unlock the backdoor so he can pour out a bucket. What’s so urgent about that? I think I hear Jo waking up. It’s about to get chaotic. Maybe I should sneak downstairs and run the treadmill. I’m fat right now.
  • Can’t stop playing Jason Mraz’ “I’m Yours.” Jo said he’s on the Today Show tomorrow. I’m trying to convince Jaaaaaa to sing it.
  • BSON has been calm lately. She’s moving to California. Not the LisaNova/DaveDays/Shaycarl/Danny Diamond/Sxephil YouTube Utopia in horrifying Venice beach. SanFran near Nutcheese. Nutcheese and Rey keep a clean appartment.
  • Hey- thanks for the logos. There are so many good ones, that I’ve been procrastinating the review of them. There are also some that are so lame they’re funny. Okay- I’ll set a goal to get them together in one spot in the next week. Maybe have people vote since I hate picking.
  • Had to stop because Jo needed some help tightening her Coke hat. I keep stealing it, and making it fit my huge head (to hide my receding hairline, but that game will be over soon).
  • Charlie has now vanished to the backyard. Yeah- I’d better go run. Oh dear. Jo is getting her daily dose of bad news. I hate watching news. Do I really need details of people being shot in a health club?
  • Mkay- going to treadmill. I wonder if I can last 30 minutes anymore?
  • Wow this was random. Well damnit, it’s a blog.
  • Postscript: My Landice treadmill just died, so I made it all of 10 minutes jogging in our hilly neighborhood.

21 Replies to “Blah, blah, blog”

  1. I have found hair to be of little relevance and consequence in life, people like me or don’t like me for who I am not how I look……Kelley’s Dad had a transplant years ago, and he’s just as thin on top as I am now. Whatever you decide good for you and enjoy!

  2. Haha. I could not have woken up on my day off to anything better.

    I love the progression of…anxiety as everyone starts to wake up.

    Is it unhealthy that I start my day’s off by missing you guys…and then by the end of the day…I’m like…”oh shit…I have to go back there in less than 12 hours”…

    P.S. My violin is in your mud room, dumb dumb. And I have a GIANT bag of random diddies for me to just tweak. I cannot just create something off to the top of my head without your input.

    That and I haven’t tried to. O:)

  3. Hello friends!

    Favorite blog post in awhile.

    Miss the days when I had more time to read everyday and felt like commenting.

    Hair transplant? Hmmm, if only the hair on my head grew as vigorously as the hair on my ass.

    Jared has some cool videos…interesting how small the circle is when you read the comments on that blog.

    The “first” comment? Ha. I used to love being one of the first few commenters on your vids…cause I knew I had a better chance of you reading the comment and replying, now 3/4/500 comments later, I don’t stand a chance.

    I feel like “Uncle Jason” considering I’ve watched your kids grow up in front of me. (pretty neat) btw, does Charlie have wiplash after that pounding he got from the pie video? Poor thing!

    BSoN, is moving?!! What are you to do?

    ((((FART))))) Phew! (thats for you Kelley)

    Take care all!

  4. Yey! Now all that’s missing is the reply-to-comment. I thought the new wordpress would have fixed that (thanks Jan!). We’re still stuck with the @1 stuff. Rey- true for you (little significance) but you’d be amazed by the number of men (and women) that see it as part of their identity. BSON- Charlie distracted me the whole post. And I’m going to be out $200 plus to fix my dang Landace- they’re coming Friday 1-3. Jason’s back! Yey! Kelly- I’m two voicemails behind. I’ll take my adderal and listen.

  5. Letterman sure has a lot more hair … bet he wishes he did that a long time ago.

    You, Kevin, have attractive facial features, so why should you accept the inevitable ravages of time before you have to. Us average-looking people have less to lose by not keeping up appearances.

    If you aren’t good at sales – try to partner with someone who is. There really is such a thing as a sales personality.

  6. I commented a week or two ago on WVFF that the page is taking too long to load, would you please shorten it. No response. Do you even READ our comments?

  7. Why in the world are men insecure about their hair? Men lose their hair. It’s a trait of masculinity. I read somewhere that men who lose their hair may have more testosterone than those who don’t. Don’t know if this is true, but hair loss often makes men look distinguished. Whatever…

    And you know it was Bob Dole with the limp dick, not Gore.

  8. People who have made fun of your hair have done so because it’s an obvious and easy thing to pick on. For God’s sake, you look good, mkay?

  9. @10 They say wearing a “Nalts” hat increases hair loss probability and at a far more rapid pace than normal, Kevin is screwed!

    What is with all the mkay’s anyway? :o) Mmmmkay?

  10. Okay first of all, it’s a myth that hats bald you. And if you’re happy and bald, that’s cool. If your wife loves you anyway, that’s admirable. But if you’d rather have hair, is it shameful to treat? Methinks not.

    Dahlia- the site is loading slow. I guess wordpress or bluehost? Maybe I need to use lighter words.

    Marquis! Where ya at?

  11. Real men aren’t afraid of a little hair loss. They seem to be downright terrified by it. Me…not so much. For years, I have committed myself to eventually shaving it bald when I start to look too much like my Dad.. and friends that day is a soon coming. My advantage is that I have the correct shaped head to pull it off..except for the flat spot caused by the forceps.

    But I digress…

    I haven’t been here too much lately, so I thought I’d poke my nose in and see how the back bench is doing. I see that MDJ is still dead, Sukarta has disappeared suspect that Reubnick has something to do with it and Jischinger is still ranting inconsolably… ahh home at last.

  12. This is what I get for being away from the blog for a few days. I started reading this post and got to the Al Gore mention and immediately scrolled down to correct you that it was actually Bob Dole, but someone beat me to it. 🙁 You know how much I LOVE correcting you.

    Don’t get a hair transplant. There is nothing wrong with a receding hairline. Some chicks dig bald guys. My husband always said that he lost his hair due to too many u-turns under the sheets.

  13. You know, now that I think of it, shaving your head is not a good look for you. Remember the Renetto video? You don’t have the right shaped head for the slick bald look.

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