Tiger Wood Fart Increases Approval Rating 45%

Oh thank GOD there’s something interesting in the news today. I was scanning my RSS feeds and it seemed like all the recent headlines were old (a great way to get demoted on someone’s RSS reader is to not have fresh articles)… or boring stuff. Verizon iPhone Facebook Twitter, blah, blah.

But Tiger Woods farting and smiling!? That’s turned an otherwise-boring August day into a very special one indeed.

I say this enhanced his brand dramatically. His online approval rating, according to a study of 2500 consumers, went up 45 percent.

Tiger otherwise is a constant reminder of how lame you and I are. He’s up there with good looks, great skill, and terrific sponsors. Now we see he farts like we do. So he’s less intimidating. I tweeted recently that I can’t read Wired anymore because it makes me feel so inferior, and indeed my latest issue is sitting unwrapped. I need to subscribe to “big old fat losers” magazine to regain my self esteem.

Then again, I’m a bit concerned he might threaten my first-page rank on Google results for the word Fart.

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