Viral Wedding Intro to “Forever” Sells Music

forever wedding entrance dancing

That wedding entrance to the tune “Forever” is up to 11 million plus views via YouTube, and it boosted album sales by placing the 2008 song in the iTunes top 10. It certainly didn’t hurt that the Today show flew the wedding party to NYC for a recreation.

Nielsen Wire reports that the wedding video now has a direct link to buy “Forever (buy on Amazon),” which, despite being released last year, is now in the iTunes top 10. The video, reports Nielsen, also seems to have had a halo effect for troubled singer Chris Brown, whose February assault on then girlfriend Rihanna cloaked the singer in months of negative buzz. Via @shivsingh and Amnesia blog.

6 Replies to “Viral Wedding Intro to “Forever” Sells Music”

  1. Ha!

    I showed this to Joey late one night down in New Orleans.

    We were cracking up! 🙂 Loves it!

  2. I confess I had never heard this song before watching the wedding video, and, frankly, it is hard not to translate the warm and fuzzy feelings inspired by one element of the video to the other.

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