How to Use Online Video for Marketing (HubSpot)

I’ve become a bit smitten for HubSpot lately, and it’s not just because it has the coolest logo that wiggles as page loads. Really.

The company is 3 years old. Why am I just now noticing them, and they seem to be omni present?

Here’s the CEO Brian Halligan (a reformed VC and MIT guy, but he seems quite cool nonetheless) telling his story via video about how companies can break-thru via social media. Seems SPAM is a bit 1990ish, and we’re “sick and tired of being marketed to.” So he’s got ideas on how companies can transform from interruption marketing to using “a monitored, integrated inbound marketing platform.” He’s offering this to “mere mortal marketers” overwhelmed by other choices. Likens HubSpot to the iPod… easier, simple interface to otherwise complicated technology.

Anyway, here’s a nice presentation about online-video and marketing (below). Some nice ideas for promoting your videos when you’re not at the top of the YouTube most-viewed list. More for the corporate marketer than the starving artist. Shows Tubemogul and VisibleMeasures as ways to measure the performance of the video.

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  1. I’m sorry. The idea of a colonic appeals to me less than a Neti pot, even.

    Oh and then there’s the “organic coffee enema” crowd. I’m sorry, but if I spring for organic coffee, it’s going in the other end.

  2. Kevin, do you ever get the feeling that some of your commenters aren’t taking the material as seriously as you might like?

    We’re big fans of HubSpot here. We even made their awesome video:

    Plus we got a shout out on slide 15 of the presentation above. Nice!

    I sat through the webinar when it went out live and I thought it was a bit lightweight for people like Nalts who have been involved in video for a while. Nevertheless, the HubSpot team is pure quality. Good stuff.

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