7 Replies to “YouTube Isn’t Just for Young People”

  1. For some reason my hyperlinks aren’t working on my computer, so I am spared the banality of whatever it is she has to say.

  2. ^ Caitlin banally said Nalts wasn’t over the hill (yet). But close. Even people in their 40s (brrrrrr) are allowed to make videos. We’re such an open culture!

    Got some scary news for ya, Caitlin: codgers in their 50s are making videos. No really. No shit. I can prove it!

  3. 40’s??!?!? We are so old Kevin. Tomorrow, I start my 50th year strolling on this rock. When asked what I have contributed during my stay here I will affect my best quizzical look and volunteer…”Well I once made a cheese video for a Nalts collab”…

    I think I’ll kill myself now….

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