Google Hates This Blog

I’ve been blogging for 3 plus years, and suddenly I get almost no views from search engines. What’s this blog doing to piss off Google? It used to rank incredibly. Too many links to/from my YouTube channel? Some stupid mistake on the hosting? Pissed off Sergio?

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  1. Well, google may hate Nalts, but at least Youtube doesn’t. That’s more than I can say. What proof do I have? How’s about 15 rejections from the partner’s program??!

    I’m sorry, but It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to complain about that on here.

  2. Tag the blog with “fart,” “blonde,” “prank,” and a few other choice search terms. See if that makes a difference.

  3. Maybe it’s a result of all the comments about shit.

    Speaking of shit I found this show on BBC that’s called “You are what you eat” and the host lady brings out the peoples shit in a tupperware container and inspects it. Her comments to the people about their shit is funny as hell! Her British accent makes “Eww your poo smells so pungent” sound even funnier!

    Hey Sukatra… when I took my morning shit today I was tempted to wipe my ass with the bath towel and mail it to you.

  4. Google likes me. Go search for “yotube” (leave the ‘u’ off of youtube) on google. My video from pipi’s gathering shows up right there at the top of the results. 🙂

    That being said, nalts, your page rank here is a 5. Not great, but not bad at all either. Just checked and even doesn’t get a 10 lol. It only has a 9. I’m no SEO expect but maybe try to get other websites to link to you too outside of youtube. Might help.

  5. Boy, those seven tips you just vlogged about sure didn’t last very long for you, did they?

    Kelley, if you mail me an ass towel I will gather up all of ours and mail them back to you.

  6. @5 7 tips about happiness from a sad old “crying on the inside” clown? That’s almost as silly as a show analyzing shit. And Nutcheese- I need to see it. Can you find it online?

    @reubnick- you may not be a partner, but you’re on the twitter visitor board! 🙂

  7. Yeah, Kelly, can you get me that Shit Show address? My crap has been fluorescent green lately and I want to send in a couple of pints to see what they think causes this. I’ve never been this green before. Maybe its because I’m dead?

  8. Kevin,

    Looks like you haven’t (unless done via HTML page upload), verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools here;

    Once verified, if you’ve been naltzy (sorry, couldn’t resist. Lame), you may have messages appear from the beautiful creature that is, the big G.

    have you also checked for SQL injections from hackers and so forth? Had a sudden increase in low quality links to your side? Just 2 of the million ways in which you may of been effected by SEO black hatters.

    If it becomes a continuous problems, may I recommend you contact ‘Quadszilla’ over at

    Have fun! 🙂

  9. Wow, spelling mistakes galore. I should really start thinking about checking what I’ve typed prior to pressing ‘say it!’. Doh.

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