Content Not Ads. Joining Little-Money Club. YouTubers Go Full-Time.

You may have missed these, but they’re interesting. Shows where money is and isn’t. But current flawed or productive models may not be indicative of future ones. It’s 1999 all over again.
1) Decline of advertising, and increase in spending of content. True. More money now in sponsored videos than ads around your videos. And it’s a buyer’s market for marketers. More inventory than demand right now, which gives marketers the ability stretch their dollar for what I expect will be 10% of the 2010 rate (source: Junta42 blog).

2) Quote of the week (via LATimes) on the rise of Twitter and other non-profitable but popular web 2.0 thingies: Sony Corp. Chief Executive Howard Stringer may have had the best quip of the day. Asked about the success of Twitter and other social networking sites, Stringer said: “A lot of people are doing very well at making very little money. It’s not a club I’m looking to join.”

3) YouTube video creators quit day jobs to make moolah (Atlanta’s MyFox).

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5 thoughts on “Content Not Ads. Joining Little-Money Club. YouTubers Go Full-Time.”

  1. My guess is that making money on YouTube is especially attractive to teens and people in their early twenties. I saw a interview thing with SuperMac (something like that anyways… he’s a kid of about 14 who gets a lot of views on YouTube) and he said he makes $3000/mo. That’s a lot of money for a teenager! Heck, I was lucky to get $30/mo when I was his age!!! LOL

    You were at the 7-8-9 gathering. I saw a few videos and from what I saw most of the people there were in their teens or early twenties. Is that what you saw?

  2. Here’s an interesting article about doing PR for a Silicon Valley startup almost entirely through social networking – from the Sunday NY Times. (click on my name)

  3. Where in the hell are the pictures? You are getting lazy Kevin. I’m going to start a blog with lots of pictures. Daily pictures of my bowel movements!

    Man… I seem to be in a shitty mood today.

  4. How in the hell can you waste your time and ours on this worthless shit when there are so many more important stories going on in the world??? I mean, LaToya says Michael was murdered!!!! So does Joe!!!!! How can you not cover that? What are you, a legitimate blogger or some kind of obscrute marketing geek with an overblown ego and an underblown talent!!?????!!????

    Wow. That was really harsh.

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