Brands: Teens Like Free and Fun

“So when a marketer offers a compelling set of free and fun items as part of an advertising campaign, not only do teens respond positively,” says Lauren Bigelow in an iMediaConnection article. “But studies have shown significant increases in aided and unaided brand recall, brand favorability, and purchase intent.

So to marketers, Bigelow gives this advice:

  1. Brands are key components of the way teens develop identities, express themselves, and collect visual equity they can leverage
  2. Teens love virtual goods from marketers because they are free. Keep in mind that teens have to either earn or purchase virtual currencies to buy the virtual goods they desire. Everyone — even those with big virtual bank accounts — hungers for free items.

You know how hard it is to blog when your two youngest sons are fighting like pitbulls?

4 Replies to “Brands: Teens Like Free and Fun”

  1. I like the blog, I need to keep it in mind. I love the last line. Having a young one myself I know it certainly can be hard to get work done when he’s into everything else. Or wants me to play.

  2. as a teenager, I can confirm that I do indeed enjoy things that are free…and fun. Especially shirts, when they are free. You can’t beat that.

    I hope that this comment is relevent to the post, because I only read the title.

  3. Reubnick… you are a teen? Does your mommy know you read this blog? I’m sure she would feel the discussions about shit are inappropriate for an impressionable young lad as yourself.

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