The Internet Imagined in 1969

Courtesy of Jaffe, here’s a video that depicts the Internet in all the glory we know today… multiple screens and keyboards. Video everywhere. We’re almost here, right?

And it was created 40 f’ing years ago (yeah when I was born and just shut up).

Slater– this is begging for a parody. I swear it will go more viral than our “History of Videogame Violence (which is, to be fair, in the first page Google results for “videogame violence parody).”

I know you can do this voice, and have music loops as awkward or worse. I’ll see if wifeofnalts can do her hair.

13 Replies to “The Internet Imagined in 1969”

  1. They lost me on some of the technical jargon, but this was very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

  2. The ‘scratches’ on the film loop. Pick the right hand corner and watch closely.

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