YouTube Demographics Round-Up

Lots of people have been asking me lately about the demographics about YouTube users (age, median income, gender). Here are some recent stats you’ll want in your “back pocket.”

  1. According to the YouTube “fact sheet”: Our user base is broad in age range, 18-55, evenly divided between males and females, and spanning all geographies. Fifty-one percent of our users go to YouTube weekly or more often, and 52 percent of 18-34 year-olds share videos often with friends and colleagues. With such a large and diverse user base, YouTube offers something for everyone.
  2. Here are some stats TubeMogul ran to compare my user base (Nalts) to the norm. Tubemogul has a clever way to obtain a partner’s demographics. They track comments, then record age of the people that comment. Not perfect, but as close as you can get without proprietary access. 
    1. youtube demographics and nalts
    2. pie chart of general male/female YouTube stats (TubeMogul)
  3. Nice demo summary from YouTube (image) YouTube claims it’s a 53% male/47% female. 55% urban with median income of $74K. Nearly 70 percent are college educated, 47% are married, median age is 33, 71 percent are employed.
  4. A comScore study (dated 2007, however) showed the following age splits. The largest segment is the 18-34 crowd
  5. YouTube/Google retains 40% of the market share, with a HUGE drop to the second site (Fox). ComScore study June 2009
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  2. Here is a slide from an internal document:

youtube user profile

10 Replies to “YouTube Demographics Round-Up”

  1. I don’t buy it. On the high end I’ll agree with about 90% the overall numbers, wagering that at least 25% of those are sock, but not the demographics. The only way to get anything accurate is to talk to people directly and then at least 25% will still lie.

    Women lie about age and sex men lie about education and income.
    Most students who work will say they work before they say they are in school.
    The most popular zip code in the US is 90210 – out pacing the actual number of people who live there.
    Tech savvy today means you can turn a computer on.
    The only number most likely to be believable, within a few percent points, is the marital status, only because the liars even each other out.

    The only good and solid numbers are videos clicked and watched through. Not sure if Google will release that info ever, least to anyone’s satisfaction, but they are storing it all in Texas.

    You see, before the sex change when I was 33 married in collage living in the burbs making $74k a year I took several computer courses on how to screw with statistics 😉

    What I learned was – “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  2. Jan- true some of this is probably hogwash. I think comscore has a decent panel, so I’d be inclined to trust that. But what do they say… statistics are like hookers. You can get them to say and do whatever you want. Nice analogy, Kev.

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    That is true, Tubemogul is a great service.

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  4. Republicans outnumber Democrats on YouTube? I consider that curious, considering the younger skew of the site, and party affiliation among younger people and the public as a whole.

  5. @6 Sukatra, I was drunk and still cried. According to Nalts’ statistics, I’m a dirty old man in Nalts Youtube world and I’m only 36. No wonder noone laughs at my jokes anymore.

    Knock, knock…

  6. People that subscribe to my videos have toilet fetishes. You should see some of the requests I get. I don’t know how this happened.

  7. Determining demographics via comments is interesting, but not necessarily any better than the data YouTube Insight provides. Often times the view/comment ratio is around 100 to 1, so the number of comments makes a rather low sample size of the overall audience. But since comments measure “engagement” it would be interesting to compare the insight and tubemogul data, to find out which gender/age group is most/least active one, or if both numbers match up.

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