American Pie Advertising Song Parody: Mad Avenue Blues

Check out Mad Ave Blues, a song parody of “American Pie” that spoofs the demise of traditional media and upfronts… written by LMcDuff08 (via OnlineVideoWatch). It’s really well sung and written, and hits some key themes in funny ways. Even if it’s about 6 minutes longer than it needs to be… it only took a day to make!

And then there’s “music chairs,” which shows all of the churn of top digital-media executives.

5 Replies to “American Pie Advertising Song Parody: Mad Avenue Blues”

  1. Well, Kevin. Only someone with a background in advertising or marketing could appreciate these, I think.

    Am waiting for your next video. 🙂

  2. I could appreciate the concept of this video, and it seemed a little funny at first, but then I had the urge to take a dump… so I did.

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