When Were You Going to Tell Me About the Guild?


Dang. I’ve been reading about The Guild and its collection of awards for months — maybe years — but I’ve never actually watched it.

I’m not sure what compelled me to finally check it out today… Maybe it was Greg Benson telling me last week that he was happy to meet with me in SanFran since The Guild was filming in his spare bedroom (his wife, Kim Evey, produces). Turns out Benson directed a bunch of episodes I’m watching as I type.

The Guild, in case you’ve been under a rock near mine, is a web series staring Felicia Day (from Buffy or Twilight or something) and her guild of neurotic gamers. Like Arby ‘n the Chief, you can oddly appreciate it even if you’re not immersed in The Gaming Culture.

The short webisodes are charming, well written and lightening fast… I just watched about 6 episodes, and found myself mimicking Clara, the hysterical breast-feeding mom, who ignores her children as she plays.

Felicia Day, with more than 750K Twitter followers, also is a good example of someone from tv that had better fortune as a “weblebrity,” where she enjoys perhaps more creative freedom in exchange for an uncertain monetization…┬áSince The Guild (see official site with cast) is subtitled, you can see the lines sometimes before they’re spoken. Try pausing it and reading one of the lines like you THINK Day will read them. And then watch her out-act you with some weird nuance you couldn’t have predicted.

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