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  1. I consider you my internet dad even though your only like 5 years older than me.

    *sticks out hand* Where’s my allowance foo!?


  2. @6 he couldn’t turn the auto play off and she got out of he tower when my back was turned

    @7 hi, who are you? welcome to the willvideoforfood.com blog comment section. hope you’ll come back again making more insightful and interesting comments like this again.

  3. Perhaps because we’ve spent decades trying to pump up the self-esteem of children in our public schools, irregardless of whether they’ve done anything to merit it, we have legions of people in our society who have an excessive level of confidence in their beliefs and abilities.

    They’re just so darn sure that what they believe is right just by virtue of the fact they believe it. Traditions? Codes of conduct? Religious beliefs? Customs? There’s no need to even understand why previous generations believed what they did or to question what purpose it served. Just remember that they were racist back then and so they couldn’t have had any good ideas.

    Of course, we don’t look back and say, “Gee? How did they make it without welfare, social security, or an income tax? Why is it that they had a divorce rate that was a fraction of the one we had today? How is it that the crime rate was so much lower? What made the people so much more polite than they are today? If we were in the same situation as the Founding Fathers, could our political leaders step up to the plate and do as well?”

    Because we have forgotten the mistakes that convinced our forefathers to adopt the policies and mores that they did, in our ignorance we will be doomed to make many of those same mistakes again.

  4. ^History? Summer reruns already?

    I kinda get what your getting at, but unless I’m can be a becon of light myself in that shinning city on the hill I can’t expect much more from anyone else. Doesn’t mean I don’t try, and I’ve got the drill bits to prove it.

    I was speaking to a women who is 96 years old last week and in her broken Yiddish she told me she couldn’t wait to die, “Gott in Himmel take me now!” She waved her hands and look up. My reaction was to wince and mutter, “What a thing to say.” Her response was, “da vorld is very different, time for me ta go.”

    So maybe that’s the hitch, we know we gotta go when it’s our time to go.

    As I was helping her out of the door, because I still have a few manners left, she turned around, looked me dead in the eye grabbed my hand with her very bony frail one and said, “Loyalty and friendship are more valuable den gold.”

    I nodded, who could argue with that?

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