Delphine Dijon Teaches “Travel Fabulously” (Nalts cameo)

I was on the JetBlue flight from JFK to LA this week, and Howcast shot a video about how to travel fabulously. Here’s Delphine Dijon (a Ford Model), and if you advance to step 6 you’ll see my cameo. They edited out my favorite shot… the cheesesteak pouring all over my chest. 

8 Replies to “Delphine Dijon Teaches “Travel Fabulously” (Nalts cameo)”

  1. How’d you get her to let you play the big schmuck you might have to sit next to? Must have been hard to get this cameo.

    Actually, way to go, you got her to be your thumbnail… tit for tat.

  2. I hat to sit next to someone like that on the plane once – she stank of like six different perfumes and glared at me every time I touched food on our 21 hour flight (all she ate was that stupid bottled water).

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