Top-10 “OMMA Video” Insights & Favorite Twitter Posts

Here at NYC’s OMMA Video conference with discussions about online video, monetization, engagement, advertisements, mobile video, and so on.. here are my top 10 insights, followed by my favorite Twitter posts. 

  1. Everyone seems to think advertising dollars should fund production. But if I’m a marketer, I’m not diggin’ that model. Shoot- I wanna sell product not finance creative. 
  2. There’s a Starcom “pool” coming soon will change everything. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention so I have no idea what a pool is.
  3. Way too much emphasis on interruption marketing (interactive ads and companion banners) versus promoting with relevancy within the content. Oh well. It’s OMMA.
  4. More of a mind meld of industry insiders (as opposed to brands/advertising budget holders). Not many actual clients represented, perhaps because this space is so new. The celebrity was Andy Markowitz (Kraft) who was widely quoted. Eileen Naughton, Google Media Platforms, also got the crowd excited announcing that FRED is making more than $1 million dollars per year. YOW.
  5. Online video is still only about 3% of video consumed, so the cable guys don’t look too worried… yet.
  6. Some guy named Phil Leigh (Inside Digital Media) spent most of lunch convincing me that PCs are being connected to television sets like crazy. Not just the early-adopter nerds. He has a white paper about it, but it’s $1500… and I could afford a full media center for that.
  7. Because this event involves a lot of online-media buyers, the gay/hetero mix was far higher than 1 in 10.
  8. Monetization discussion, moderated by Digitas’ John McCarus, began with a recount of all the online-video studio casualties in recent weeks. Clearly nobody was making any money yet, and some are going back to broadcast.
  9. Lots of discussion about what to measure, but not about sales… more about “engagement” as defined by time spent. 
  10. “Only $5000 per 1-minute of production” was a way to boast over efficiency. I like the “$10 per 1-minute of production” rule better. 


Here are the best tweets.The winner of the “best Tweets from the OMMA video conference” goes to Corey Kronengold (ckronengold). Daisy Whitney is MC’ing, but recently lost the hip jean jacket and her tweets are lacking zest.

  • Mobile piracy doesn’t seem to concern the panelists – yet.
  • 58k iphone apps as of this week.
  • More internet connections for UGC on mobile than the wired PC — Nihal Mehta,
  • YouTube’s “Fred” is making a 7-figure income says Eileen Naughton from Google here at #ommavideo
  • Andy Markowitz of Kraft “We’re not doing online marketing, we’re doing marketing in a digital world.”
  • Gordon Borrell doesn’t expect local advertisers to adopt models where they have to manage
  • “How do we move from promoting our content to where content promotes us?” Andrew Markowitz, Kraft
  • “Relevancy has become an increasingly elusive goal,” Andrew Markowitz, Kraft #ommavideo. Time should be the new currency of media, Kraft marketing exec says
  • “If Google can be an agency, and agencies can be technology providers, Kraft can be a content provider.” – Andy Markowitz/Kraft #ommavideo
  • PointRoll just showed brilliant Visible World-like web tool for marketers to customize auto banners
  • idea that we can somehow make online video ad units that consumers will love to watch is charmingly naive.
  • “The Pool will raise the watermark on the entire online video industry.” – Alan Schulman, #ommavideo
  • ckronengold “we aren’t in in a position to author best practices in online video.” A. Schulman #ommavideo
  • “We know one thing — pre-rolls suck.” — Joe Mandese, editor, MediaPost at
  • moderator says “pre-roll sucks” but Tracey Scheppach of SMG restates as “preroll doesn’t take advantage of empowerment”
  • Starcom exec says we will move past pre-rolls and to new online video ad formats #ommavideo (via @DaisyWhitney)
  • Ckronengold: We’ve discovered an ad unit that will replace pre-roll as the workhorse – The Pool #ommavideo. Details, please. Before the panel ends.
  • joebobatl Ugh – just saw a conference attendee leave the bathroom w/out washing his hands. #hazardsofconferences #ommavideo
  • thisjenn #ommavideo cocktail hour is a cash bar. Interesting.
  • ckronengold What is a Hit? Seibert: The question is “What did it cost you and is it efficient, and for advertisers, can you do it again?” #ommavideo
  • RE engagement, I tell people that “you can’t tell how much someone weighs with a yardstick.” #ommavideo 
    • Measurement + Meaning = engagement

14 Replies to “Top-10 “OMMA Video” Insights & Favorite Twitter Posts”

  1. This reminds me of why I like Bil Hick so much

    had a relative who worked in the ad department at Kraft- one of the perks was all the Mac and Cheese you could eat. this was before twitter.

    7 figure Fred, wow, that’s gotta be the You Tube lotto

  2. I`m not at all surprised that FRED makes that much. I work with two people who do 6 figures pretty easily, and they have nowhere near that traffic.

    Nalts, it may be just that I`ve been studying this stuff for so long… but don`t all those points either seem like common sense or old thinking with new buzzwords? I like where you chime in to add some new sense to this stuff, but I gave up dealing with those kinds of people. They never, ever listen. I got tired of compromising with them so I moved to Japan, lol.

    All these people have that we don`t have are fancy statistics and polls. ANYBODY with real knowledge of the internet should know that statistics and polls are 90% USELESS when it comes to online media trends and predictions. If we listened to them we`d still be using a 56k modem so we could read the news in other states while playing solitare, but not too much… because we don`t want to fill up our 64k hard drives.

    If anybody has been so much as even just on google the past 10 years, you should know that we are on the beginng of where the internet is going still. I`m tired of dealing with people who want to push or drag it in their favor like taking a stubborn dog out for a walk.

    You have to work WITH IT. I`m tired of people trying to control it. You`ll never win.


  3. My HTPC, connected to my plasma and surround sound, streaming Netflix, Hulu, using Boxee and serving as my primary movie playback device cost me $450.

    Phil needs to pick up the current issue of MaximumPC to learn how to build a box for home theater.

    So where’s my trophy? My mom would be so proud…..if she only knew what Twitter was.

  4. ” Re: idea that we can somehow make online video ad units that consumers will love to watch is charmingly naive.”

    I actually DO love watching those PC vs Mac video ad units, particularly the ones where one video ad ‘talks’ to another banner on the same page.

    So there can be exceptions to the rule and of course it depends on the viewers too (taste, patience, and possible bandwidth speed limits).

    Good post!

  5. I for one would like to know what Kevin does all day now that he’s quit his day job (if he really has).

    Oh, he’s making videos now?

    Tell Congress: Support the Broadband Internet Fairness Act

  6. marquis, I don’t demand to know what Kevin does all day any more than I demand to know what you do all day.

  7. ^
    1. “I would like to know” is not a demand.
    2. You have no interest whatsoever in what I do EVER, anytime, nor have you ever had any, but I AM curious how Kevin fills a day without the daily grind.

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