4 Replies to “If Salvador Dali Used Photoshop… (killer photos)”

  1. I have to think Dali would have approved – especially since some of these images were direct homages. (Woman whose feet are melting into the floor, tray is bending over the edge of table.) If you’ve ever tried to use Photoshop, you know this stuff takes a lot of skill, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it “fine art.”

  2. @1: I agree, Dahlia. I have taken some Photoshop classes, and it is NOT an easy skill to master. What I did in my classes was so elementary compared to these. They are astounding! I particularly like the twisted road, and agree that the melting woman one was a direct homage to Dali.

  3. You can really tell that the readers of this blog are accountants and not artists. Well, at least I can.

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