The Prank You Missed if You Took the Weekend Off from Online-Video

It’s clear that Friday afternoon is the best day for posting online videos and getting insta-views. Weekend videos rarely do as well. But I couldn’t resist posting one of my favorite recent pranks on Saturday because that’s the day we pulled it off.

Good times. Good times. Nothing like a fresh prank to make your weekend.

9 Replies to “The Prank You Missed if You Took the Weekend Off from Online-Video”

  1. I loved that MoZ guessed right away it had to be you. It had your trademarks: 1. a prank. 2. a video camera. 3. somebody running away.

    You made our Saturday! (our Sunday? can’t remember) Thanks.

  2. Get a load of this: (Link)

    You may recognize a particular garage-sale-prank victim at :53

    I did a literal double-take when I saw it.

  3. I watched all three. The videos were funny, but what was most interesting was the psychology behind the whole thing. I found myself wondering what Mo was wondering and how her thinking process must have been working to make sense of it all. The roll of leadership and manipulation, fear, reticence, making choices the whole gamut. Listening to Terry reveal the stages made this even more interesting. Having all sides accounted for could actually be used in a class on human behavor.

  4. @3: I agree. Having all three viewpoints to watch made the whole thing even funnier.

    BTW, Kevin, you REALLY need to learn to videotape without laughing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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