Why Do Online-Video Contests Still Break the BIGGEST Rule

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I’ve written so many times about online-video contests, and what makes them attractive or not. How many top-1o “how to not f’ up a contest” posts do I need to write to change the most abused rule ever?

DON’T put your money in the 1st and 2nd prize. That will attract a few semi-pros, but acts as a disincentive to the rest of us… who are always runner’s ups but don’t often win.

Amazon, of all companies, broke this rule recently. I’d love to enter your $20K contest but I fear I’d be wasting my time like I did with the Doritos/Superbowl submission.

If you want a diverse selection of good content, provide $500-$1,000 gift cards to the top 10 finalists, peeps! Common… you’re Amazon. We heart you, and expect more from you!

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18 thoughts on “Why Do Online-Video Contests Still Break the BIGGEST Rule”

  1. How many times do I have to tell you, Kevin. “Common” does NOT mean “come on”. Come on = c’mon, not “common”. They are not even prnounced the say way.

    com⋅mon  /kom-uhn/ noun
    1. belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests.
    2. pertaining or belonging equally to an entire community, nation, or culture; public: a common language or history; a common water-supply system.
    3. joint; united: a common defense.
    4. widespread; general; ordinary: common knowledge.
    5. of frequent occurrence; usual; familiar: a common event; a common mistake.
    6. hackneyed; trite.
    7. of mediocre or inferior quality; mean; low: a rough-textured suit of the most common fabric.
    8. coarse; vulgar: common manners.
    9. lacking rank, station, distinction, etc.; unexceptional; ordinary: a common soldier; common people; the common man; a common thief.

    c’mon  / kuh-mon/ Informal.
    contraction of come on.

    PLEASE STOP USING “COMMON”. You are driving me crazy!!!!

    Also, it should be “10”, not “1o”.

    There may be more mistakes, but I’m just too distraught to go on.

  2. I’m distraught too, but I’m going to comment privately (via the new top-secret email that he might actually read).

    Hi Marilyn.

  3. @1Marilyn
    I knew a guy who had a misspelling of ‘does’ burned in to his brain. No matter how many times I pointed it out, my friend would always spell ‘does’ d-o-s-e. Dose that make sense? No, it dosen’t. But he will FOREVER spell it d-o-s-e.

  4. @9 I sometimes think Kevin does it on purpose because he knows it drives me crazy. Either that or he’s just ignorant.

    I love you, Kevin!! 😉

  5. I’ve kinda stopped entering these things… First, I’m starting to get more guaranteed money through contract work, so my time devoted to contesting has become limited.

    I’ve also noticed that as more semi-pro freelancers start discovering and entering these contests, the competition is starting to get pretty stiff, and I’m also starting to see contest administrators and judges pass over good amateur content with a strong branding message in favor of uber-high-quality “bells and whistles” production that lacks a strong message.

    And don’t even get me started on contests whose winners are determined by public vote.

    Gimme a good, solid local client who has a little bit of vision any day. (Link)

  6. @13 — For what it’s worth, if you like, I’ll e-mail you my rates — I could use the input on whether or not you think I’m over- or under-charging.

  7. @14 I’m going to guess your rates are reasonable and honest I was thinking more along the line of a large ad agency, should have been more clear.

    @15 I wonder if Hank ate her up.

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