Mainstream Media Markets Via New Media and Vice Versa

Imagine a year ago if I told you that Fox Broadcasting would be promoting its debut television shows via online-video personalities (see press release) that were unknown before sites like YouTube.

And that Hulu, a network site, would promote on the Superbowl.

I’m the “chief strategical officer” for Hitviews, so I can’t cover this objectively. But I think this Fox case study is unprecedented. Nearly 5 million views promoting the show, and delivered efficiently by “webstars” with Fox approving ads within almost 24 hours. It was amazing to be part of it- especially meeting the Fringe cast.

As I proclaimed last week, “viral is dead.” This program worked because these webstars have a loyal and engaged audience (except that Nalts).

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  1. when they pull the plug on analogue today there’s going to be a surge of online use. This analogue to digital sdb. What I worry about is will the net slow down from all the new traffic, thus making hulu, youtube and other high bandwidth programming a pain to watch?

    exceptthatofnalts you need more toilet paper

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