Training Crows to Steal iPhones, Cell and Digital Cameras

Crows root through garbage, and caw us from our slumber. But what if I could train the species- which top the avian IQ scale – to be my minions? Then I read in a recent O Magazine about a hacker named Joshua Klein who spent a decade studying crows, and discovered they’re highly intelligent and adept at making the human environment work in their favor.

In Japan the black corvids drop tough nuts into traffic so cars crush them, then the genus wait for pedestrian lights to retrieve them. Klein invented a wooden box and taught his crow to put a coin in the chute, as it would dispense a tasty peanut. He hopes his feathered friend will teach a murder of crows at a nearby dump to gather and deposit coins for him- imagine them as the hacker’s minions, collecting billions lost coins.

Crow that Steals iPhones and other electronic devices

Forget “NaltsConsulting.” I’m going to become the Dickinseon “Fagin” of rural Pennsylvanian crows. I’ll teach them to seize mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras (and remember it will cost me peanuts). Here’s the video about my plan in case you want to invest.

8 Replies to “Training Crows to Steal iPhones, Cell and Digital Cameras”

  1. Is your voice getting deeper as your beard grows thicker? Hell. If I didn’t have to punch a corporate time clock, I’d grow a beard too. You go, Nalts.

    You’re already forgetting NaltsConsulting? So soon? Oh, dear. Not how I hoped things would work out for you. On the other hand, it’s a WHILE since we’ve had a decent vid for you… thanks for this! 5 stars.

  2. The ravens here in Japan are amazing… in just 2 months being here I’ve seen one with a necklace/keychain and an entire packaged sandwich. Whose to say they can’t be trained to get iPods? Hell if you can get enough to work together you can get them to steal accessories too… and you can test weight load limits to see if they can get a plasma.

    I’m in.

  3. ^ Saw one at the Ginza sportin’ a mink stole.

    BTW: Wiggle your toes while you are sitting in the chair editing videos. It’ll help keep your ankles from swelling up.

  4. Hey, it could happen. Crows could steal iphones and pdas. Make rich masters right? seems logical.

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