What’s the Most EPIC Web-Video and Digital Studio/Network?

what's the best digital studio? Online-video production and distribution house?Revision3? NextNewNetworks? MyDamnChannel? ForYourImagination? Break (fka HBOLab)? Okay- I forgot Crackle.

But here’s a show-down of 5 online-video studios/networks producing original content for the web. Are they profitable? Of course not… yet. Do they have good content? Sure, even if a bunch of shows never found an audience.

But the question is… are they EPIC? Do they have a personality beyond their content? We’ll find out. Vote now, or see if they respond to the second challenge (with the third and final round taking place in NYC on the week of 7/8/9.

Thanks to Daisy Whitney’s article from last year that helped me identify a couple I might have forgotten (of course a few of hers have since gone MIA). Her piece discusses some of the background (including their venture capital, founders and shows).

I’m not sure exactly why I created EpicDigitalStudioAward.com, but maybe it was because the Webby’s are kinda jumping the shark, and this category needed something special. Maybe it was the fact that I had such contrasting footage from two of the shows I caught live last night.

Please let me know if I missed any, and if you haven’t seen why Revision3’s Diggnation won Round 1, then check this video out. It’s some loser jumping on stage last night in NYC… in his underwear. What a loser!

diggnation underwear guy
Footage of freak that crashes stage of 500-person live Diggnation event in his underwear

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