Watch Me and Tom Green Live Today at 2:45 EST

I’ll be live with Tom Green on a panel at the Digital Content Newfront 2009.

Watch live today at 2:45 EST by clicking here. Or catch it on Tom Green Live here at 11:30 pacific. Sponsored by Digitas (The Third Act).

You can follow the event on Twitter. Or follow Tom Green. Or follow me (Nalts). Or follow friggin Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, because he only has 2 million followers.

Internet Founder and Current TV’s Al Gore is the keynote. Here’s the full schedule.

Tom Green, best known for his “Barrel Roll” video (and Charlie’s Angels), is one of the mainstreamers who has enjoyed the freedom of new media. Will he maintain eye contact with a little amateur YouTuber weblebrity? We doubt it, but it should be fun.

7 Replies to “Watch Me and Tom Green Live Today at 2:45 EST”

  1. are you gonna give Al Gore a wedgie?

    (j/k Nalts please don’t give the ex-vice president a wedgie)
    ps don’t forget your signature machine

  2. Golly gee, I wish I could get away with watching this live. Where will it be streamed afterward?

  3. When you are a big celebrity, will you still remember the little people that got you there?

    BTW, we had a major server calamity at work last week and now all of our filters are down. Maybe I’ll actually be able to watch it!

  4. This is going to be a fun event to watch. Two of my favorite online personalities, Nalts and Tom Green together. I’m hoping to see some collabs from this.

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