Twitter Saving Me from a Crappy Company Name? DRAGONPHOENIXLIGHTNINGAWESOME

octomarketingIn case you’re just joining this dialogue, we’re working on a new name for the company. Well I love OctoMarketing, and so do some people. Thanks to wogsland for the inspiration, via Twitter.

Sadly, I’m getting a lot of “octomom” reactions. Which is strange, because Octomom will be so “ten minutes ago” in about 30 seconds.

I’m actually more concerned about negative connotations with octopus. It does speak to engaging in social media through a variety of tentacles (again, not exactly a warm ‘n fuzzy word). Um… the octopus has no skeleton so he can squeeze… er… and he’s the smartest invertebrate… oh crap this is getting hard to defend. Where’s my cognitive dissonance when I need it?

Here are some tweets that may send us back to the drawing board. Yey Twitter. Free market research for branding, and worth every penny.

  • aztecsghost: “Octomarketing” sounds like a porn site Kevin. Your comment “squirt” didn’t help either.
  • acridfusion: “sounds like a full fletched adoption agency for finding homes for octomom’s kids
  • philhulett: Nadya Sulemon may already own “
  • tjcastro (who suggested “marketing beaver”): yes the octopus may squirt, but the beaver will chew through the competition and smack them with his tail.

Crap- this “octopus attack” video didn’t help the cause. Ewww that’s nasty. And yet our little sea creature was so cute in Chumby’s logo.

My stupid marketing “friends” keep telling me to stick with Nalts. So I parked and But don’t think I’m not tempted to go with Peter Coffin’s suggestion: DRAGONPHOENIXLIGHTNINGAWESOME. I parked that bitchin’ URL, Coffin. And it’s pointed right at your YouTube page. But I can swipe it back and direct it to ZackScott like THAT.

26 Replies to “Twitter Saving Me from a Crappy Company Name? DRAGONPHOENIXLIGHTNINGAWESOME”

  1. Hope, no matter what your Company Name ends up being, that you are successful in doing so

  2. You will make the octopus cool! Having an animal attached to your name is quite cool. You’ll own the octopus. I wouldn’t worry about octomom at all. I had already forgotten a bout her. The many tentacles are great, says you’ll be connecting your clients in all directions.
    The IT company I work for is called Frogworks, “Managing your network to your business doesn’t croak” The Animal theme works even if it’s not cute and cuddly.

  3. @1 what difference does success make? I just need a cool name. @2 thanks, cara. You’re not biased are ya? I mean- did Brad say he’d split the $100 and did you get that in writing?

  4. True true. A cool name is always awesome, but you can use naltsmarketing to your advantage, im sure there are people out there who are in need of marketing who have seen you vids, know your name and this can be used to help market yourself as a legitimate marketer.. Too many marketers in that last sentence. Plus you can use your youtube acct or another, to help with your marketing business. just an idea, take care nalts!

  5. Since you’ve put so much work into establishing the nalts brand, it would probably make more sense to stick with it. Although the entrepreneur in me is thinking about exit strategies and wonders if you want to sell your company down the road how many difficulties you being the brand will pose. Would you be okay with someone else owning the nickname you stole from your brother?

  6. How about or Nalts’ If you make money for’s your fault. If you don’t, it’s your fault. Great way to stand behind your work. And…it rhymes.

  7. I’m trying to think of something, like tentacles, that can spread out and cover everything. Maybe Kudzu? Or what is that name of that giant fungus that has spread underground for hundreds of miles in Michigan or someplace?

  8. I’m sorry guys, I just flat out win. Any company named that would get in the news if it showed any degree of success. Literally ANY success at all. If he brokered a couple of sponsored videos and put out a press release people would be bedazzled.

    Like a successful car wreck.

  9. Might not want to go with the animal theme given your record with PETA!

    Also, I hate to say it, but I think of octomom.

    Well that’s my criticism. I’m not creative enough to come up with anything constructive.

  10. I like…

    Kevin and Jo plus fo (four)!

    Now you just need some footage of Jo being mad and you and 4 kids running around causing havoc…..Hmmmm, wait a minute!

  11. I don’t like the octo reference. Reminds me too much of the octomom. It also sounds slimy.

    I too think you should use your name in the name of your company. Capitalize on the good name you have already built for yourself. I’m thinking something that says “Nalts is a Marketing God”, but without the pompous attitude that implies.

    But I also kinda like “Mammoth Marketing” , with this (click) as your logo.

  12. Today I chopped a tree down in my momma’s back yard. It was 82 inches in diameter at the base. I chopped it down with a claw hammer and a broken lawnmower blade.

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