Eating My Own Dog Food: Name Company, Win $100.

Help name Nalts consulting firm and win $100.


If you’re going to help trusted brands engage in social media, you’d better “eat your own dog food.” So here’s an invitation to WVFF readers and you Twitterholics. Come up with the winning name of my new social-media consulting company and win a $100 gift-certificate to (or Paypal or whatever).

I look forward to surfing through the parodies in pursuit of a gem. Important note: the “creative brief” is available below (select more) or as PDF here: naltsco. You’ll want to at least focus on a few guidelines so you can see why I’m staying away from “CompanyofNalts,” “Viral Video” anything, or the word fart (even if I’m the second Google result for the term).

Naming Nalts’ Consulting Company

Objective: Create name for a high-impact but small marketing consulting practice that helps premier brand and companies irresistably engage with customers and audiences via social media, especially its most visceral form: video.

Prize: Winning name (posted below or via Twitter with tag #naltsco) wins $100 gift certificate at Some guidelines:

  • Go for a name that’s bold and innovative but not “cute” or cliché.
  • It should be trustworthy and positive so large companies feel safe hiring the company.
  • Timeless and flexible so it can adapt as the company evolves. Best to avoid using terms like “social media” or “video,” which could be passé or limiting.
  • “Ownable” and unique so it is easily “Googled,” and won’t be confused with another company or infringe on another firm.

The Market Need: When American corporations do business abroad, they often hire local liaisons to help them with country-specific customs, laws and practices. Similarly, as marketers engage in social media (YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and emerging forums) they need a deeper understanding about how individuals behave. Many brands and agencies have spent millions — on beautiful flash sites and intrusive advertising campaigns — that are awkward or sadly ignored. A small oversight by a well-intending brand can often weaken impact or create embarrassment. The best programs tap those who “live” in these media.

The Solution: Brands are welcome in social media when they’re authentic/transparent, entertaining and add value. But the sustainability of social-media marketing likewise rests upon a fair value exchange between brands and consumers. Just as a consumer will “tune out” interruption marketing, corporations can only sustain marketing programs with an ROI (improving reputation, increasing awareness, and driving sales). There is a happy medium, and we help strike the balance.

Who We Are: We are a small and nimble firm founded by an seasoned marketer who also is one of the most prolific online-video creators. Our unique “inside out and outside in” perspective helps clients add value to both their company and their “target” market (customers, prospects, brand evangelists or large audiences).  We are rare independent specialists of various “conversational” mediums, and we help brands engage with lower risk, greater agility and speed, and defined success metrics. We help trusted brands and companies succeed in a digital world where online advertising is giving way to consumer dialogue — directly impacting company and brand reputations and revenue.

What We Do:

  1. Help premier brands engage in emerging social media: We help companies monitor, engage and measure the important social-media forums (YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc) where customers, prospects and competitors are engaging. We offer a strategic perspective, but don’t stop with Powerpoints. We help deploy exciting online programs that entertain, educate, and engage people.
  2. Focus on business impact above “cute” metrics. We establish success metrics that are meaningful to a brand team – we’re not interested in celebrating video views, Twitter retweets, or how many Facebook friends a brand has. We’re committed to boosting awareness, engagement, and improving attributes & intent that ultimately drives purchase behavior.
  3. Mobilize organizations. Companies need to be flexible and fast in the age of “conversational media.” Where appropriate, we help companies create organization policies and communication to provide a foundation for deployment. It doesn’t need to take months or years to help ensure marketing, agencies, legal, public affairs, eBusiness groups are coordinated.
  4. Play nice. We work with brand teams and agency partners to provide value where we can, and stay away from what’s working well. We don’t build websites, pitch design, or buy media. We know what it means to be an efficient and healthy contributor to multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

182 thoughts on “Eating My Own Dog Food: Name Company, Win $100.”

  1. Knalty Online Marketing Group… it’s sweet, it’s salty… it’s Knalty! do we only get one shot?

  2. BentMonkey, Inc.,
    BrokenMonkeyTail, LLC
    BiteMyMonkeyTurd Corporation

    No really are they as bad as Oprahs company names? Yes, then they are successful names

  3. Cence.
    The Tiny Dog With The Big Cock.

    I’m plucking words out of the air, does it show?

    SkuntFulker (if thats not a swear word, it should be)

  4. FUEL Online Marketing
    gives the sense of adding energy to the marketabality of the brand/product to propel it into the targetted group (online World).

  5. Ok here is my real suggestion

    Brilliant Online Observationist Broker Intenet Evangilist Specialist

    Acronym, B.O.O.B.I.E.S., Inc

    As in “call the Guy from BOOBIES! he’ll fix it”

    Come one who doesnt like/remember boobies?

    Although i have a special place in my heart for
    Future Artistic Renovation Team, F.A.R.T. for short

  6. I’d welcome a cold call from a guy who identifies himself from SkuntFulker or Boobies. Conversance is cool, but taken (URL). Do we like OctoMarketing or Octomarketer?

  7. STLANCO – (Nalts backwards, like your girl HARPO)
    VINEK Marketing – (Kevin backwards)
    ClickPoint Marketing ( I liked this one best, but looked it up and they are and advertising firm, lol)
    PointClick Marketing or just PointClick (website avail)
    V-Call Marketing (virtual call) (going off click, with K for Kevin)
    I liked too, but website not avail. (You so 2000 and late!)

    Then there are the usuals like… (douche bag)
    and so on…

    Good luck buddy!

  8. octomarketing? Hmmm, first thing that comes to mind is octo-mom. Not feeling it.

  9. Playing off the Oprah thing, if you rearrange the letters in NALTS you get SLANT. Isn’t that what marketing is about, the slant?

  10. Engage Today, Inc.
    Slant Online/Enterprises/and-or Inc. (Nalts mixed letters and it means “angle or pitch”)

  11. Synergetic Internet Marketing

    that makes you a S.I.M. whats more internet. and YES i would except a call from a guy from B.O.O.B.I.E.S. christ i would re-arracnge my whole schedule with w visit form BOOBIES 😛

  12. Christ i type like DOO DOO

    that makes you a S.I.M. whats more internet than that. and YES i would accept a call from a guy from B.O.O.B.I.E.S. christ i would re-arrange my whole schedule for a visit from BOOBIES 😛

  13. ok i know i am throwing these out there in like a dozen messages but i enjoy annoying you! HA

    I got it, so SIIMPLE and i swear thsi is the last one

    Pixel Engagement Marketing
    Streaming Pixel Marketing

    Pixel Bytes Marketing
    MegaPixel Internet Marketing

    RAWR Marketing

    ok i am DONE!

    I’ll takethat 100.00 now! HA!

  14. The Prankster? 🙂
    I don’t know… Something about your “$1.25 Remote-Controlled Ghost!” video made me want to suggest that – for some reason that video spoke to me – it seemed like a very nice story that told a lot about who you are and what you do (if it’s not the case, then it was just a nice piece of storytelling;)
    You say in the video that you wanted to have someone someday feeling as “deliciously conned” as you were at that moment – Maybe I’m silly, but I thought that was brilliant!! hee hee:)
    Good Luck!

  15. you marketing HA!

    I got a name for you, how bout LAME Duck EGG, INC

    cause thats what you are a LAME, Duck egg sucking, whiny worm sniffer, that ‘s what you are!

  16. Mercury Media Solutions

    Mercury Media Group

    Media Marketing Metric (Solutions) MMS

    Social Media Solutions

    Global Synapse (Marketing)

    Global Media Connections

  17. Still think :

    Some others: , pranknaltsmarketing, kevinnaltsmarketing, wifeofnaltsmarketing, goodmorningmarketing,,,

    so many selections!

  18. How bout Nalts Online Media Marketing or N.O.M.M. for the people who are hungry for marketing use N.O.M.M.

  19. ok last one wasnt comic genius, but how bout marketingforfood, or naltsurf (naltsinternetmarketing) .


    That might not be that “googlable”, maybe:

    For those less educated:


    1.a person who sees; observer.
    2.a person who prophesies future events; prophet: Industry seers predicted higher profits.

    DID I WIN?


    Vibrant: full of energy and enthusiasm, that what we want right ?

  22. Piranha Millionaire
    STLAN NIVEK (Kevin Nalts backwards)
    Ebutuoy (youtube backwards)
    Dispensable Microwaves
    Hyper Bowl Factory
    Viral Village
    Red Dye Number 40 is a Cheap Addictive Filler!
    Vital Village

  23. I got a few

    Toaster Oven Spaghetti Waffles
    Ufo Space Ship Boats
    Square Popsicle Juice
    Upside Down LampShades

  24. Sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell incorporated

    Virulent Marketing

  25. Ok Nalts,
    At first I thought Video Viscocity, however the definition on Wiki for Viscocity is thickness, slow running and that’s not good for a video marketing firm’s name however then I looked up Viscitidy which is a similar term but means “sticky” or having a firm “base and a sticky or catchy-ness about it that stays with you” which to me is great when it comes to selling your companies name to others. So, they think well, this guy comes up with “catchy” vids and such so, plus you have to have half a brain to understand the term and that’s really the type of people you’d want to be dealing with anyway right.?. So the name I came up with is, ‘Video Viscidity’ , pretty “catchy” eh.?. Pun very much intended. And, yes its a REAL word wiki/ it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to help ya’ out.


  26. ViralMarketing
    I Like to Market Market
    The Marketing Thing

  27. I like NaltsCo Marketing – or some derivative thereof , but I’m not oppose to Tool Box Media (c) which has a couple of different meanings, or even the slogan loved by all, Nalts Is A Tool Corp.

    For the stiff neck corporate types I think Premier Metric Media (c)
    would go over pretty well…

    Premier Metric Media: A company committed in today’s expanding social media. An experienced and energetic team not only dedicated to brands, but people. Our members are creative, engaged, flexible and efficient, they know the right strategy for your growing online needs today and tomorrow. So sit back, relax, we got your back, contact us right now or else, capice?!

    That last part is optional.

  28. My second idea:
    See, you want to help clients achieve that balance, so I thought of equilibrium. Then I combined it with the Nalts name (which more people are familiar with than Nalty) and got “Equinalts” which sounds alot like equinox, so you could have a nice logo involving planets because YOU’RE GOING GLOBAL, BABY!

  29. the best i could come up with is something a friend of mine used long time ago Legendary Dragons Of Earth

  30. i think you should go with Octomus Prime. With a transformer octopus as the mascott. i see it going places since tranformers are so glorious in their superb being.

  31. CrushMonkey, LLC

    Logo could be like Atlus, but it’d be a grimacing monkey holding up a giant rock

    ChortleBox, LLC

    Baby in a box laughing, but with your face (maybe not your face)
    Maybe a box with laughter in it? ;p

    Those were my best ideas

  32. Nalts, I’ve got something a little special for you. Over the months, I’ve been saving up possible band names for my friends who are in bands all the time, usually for about a week before they break up. That said, I’ve needed to come up with plenty, but I see a friend is in need, so I feel I shall enlighten you to the entire list for possible use with this new fangled company you are working on, and if you find any of them good enough to meet the needs, you can have it. What can I say? I’m a good pal. (Keep in mind that they are all a bit…emo, because that’s the stupid demographic these bands I created these for were shooting at. We can work around that, though.)

    4)A tear on the face of the cat that is sad.
    5)Sunken trunk
    6)Fatman hotel
    8)Werewolve lodge
    9)It’s all about the sauce, Woman!
    11)Spaghetti Foxtrot
    13).~.~.~Mahogany fantasy~.~.~
    15)Wig of metal.
    16)Destroying mom’s house
    17)Wave of paranoia
    18)Locked souls club
    19)Plate of shame!
    20)The root of…pain?
    21) Reuben is cool.

    So, whattya think? I personally like Fatman hotel, but they all have their good parts. They are all yours, Naltster!

  33. irresistablemarketing

  34. 1) Bigwig Media

    2) reading is for stoopid people [.] com


    4) cuz my mama said so [.] com

    5) for all the should not could not would-be’s [.] com


  35. Upon further thought, i think its your duty to name your new company after me, as a dedication to all i have done for you, Evil Willie Martketing, cause with out me you Nerf ball Sucking, Hula humping Duck pond, no one would have ever heard of farting in public. and for a 10% few you can use my likeness!

  36. I like the “hawk” idea, slang for sell/promote/etc.

    1. WiredHawk (your logo/mascot could be a hawk drinking coffee; staying up late to get the JOB DONE! 🙂

    2. WiredAd (though url looks like wire dad – Pa’s a gumby!)

    3. VirtuallySold

    Other Hawks
    “eHawk” (would be great, but is some stupid Tony Hawk fansite- your mascot could have been a hawk that preys on innocent internet users)
    “cyberhawk” (also taken by a lame website)
    “hawkD” like punk’d…okay, I’m stretching now

    Joke idea: The Promo Homo (sapien sapien)

  37. “OMG-It’s-Me! Marketing”

    funny, simple AND it rhymes! Attention grabber

    buuuut I think there is a marketing network with the acronymns OMG…. so maybe if you can’t get away with that name posted above:



    “It’s Us Marketing”
    “It’s Me Marketing”
    “Insert-Name-Here Marketing”

    Okay, going awaaaaay from the silly attention grabbing names, here are some more professional looking ones:

    Irregage Marketing (playing off ‘irresitably engaging’ from your company info)
    Emergage Marketing (playing off ‘engage in emerging’ from your company info

    I’m totally all for those last too. 🙂 they sound cool and I would totally do business with you.

  38. Here are my awesome ideas DEMON HEMORRHAGE! the zombie boars, jugular disadvantage,the flying frag, Xeno and co,CO2 suckers, JACK IN A BOX STUDIOS and killer bunnie productions!!!

  39. Oh wait, one last one. I was inspired by your most recent post where you mention a beaver., or just


  40. Cherry Tree Marketing
    Cherry Tree Consulting
    Magic Cherry Tree Marketing
    Magic Cherry Tree Consulting

    (“cherry picking” the best marketing options)


  42. [ tele-market ]

    [ connections ]

    [ gloweb ] (globe)

    [ boxed ] <– cool logos for the symmetry

    [ on.line ]

    [ vidyo ]

    [ slant/marketing ] <—slants=nalts

    [ popcom ]

    [ the pub ]

    [ publink ]

    [ squareroot ] <— comp screen 4 sides, new internet generation

    [ iSeeu ]

  43. your company could be called…..
    and then inc. or co. etc. after it


    It’s catchy, it uses your YT account name, and I think its widley flexible as a name, like you stated above if the company gets larger.

    Also I did a google search for it and NO results came up for it so no one will confuse it for another site so its pretty original too!


  45. <~ my fav!

  46. U$A and Company
    Uranium Marketing
    Idea Bulb Incorporated (Like the light bulb that goes off when you have an Idea)
    Why Nalts? Marketing (lol why not?)
    The super special awesome nalts connection! Inc.


    ————>, Naltsophobia Society/Community/Network
    ——><——- <—Podcasting<–Pretty cool

    Naltstatus Marketing

    Naltsophobia Marketing/Networking

  48. Hey Nalts.
    How about Digital Mogul Marketing? Or Media Mogul Marketing?
    I’ll see what else I can come up with.

  49. Truebluemedia Inc

    & Lance #112 dont mean to be rude, but thats pretty much the worst Logo I have ever seen, as I say not personal, but…

  50. Mancipo Video
    Vester Crispo Video
    Tui Torqueo Video
    Nalts and Bolts Marketing
    Nalts and Lightening Bolts Marketing
    Nalts and Lightening Bolts Advertising
    Nalts and Bolts Advertising
    Sermo Video
    Fama Fundatio Video
    Lascivio Video
    Uber Fabula Advertising (UFA! UFA! UFA!)
    Amicabiliter Association
    Conscius Boost
    Norma Norma Nalts (Organization in Latin. Can make a Noma Noma parody)
    Mico Manus Marketing (Shake Hands in Latin)

    As you can tell I used Latin to make things sound cooler. Thanks for the opportunity, Nalts.

  51. Try something with Fortune 100 and then call it F1 for short. The logo can be the key on the computer.

    Unfortunately, that’s not as creative as I thought it might be judging from google.

  52. Trying to keep a little more serious….
    How about

    Lush Expressions

    Lush is defined as: Extremely productive; thriving.
    Expressions is another word for media.

    Nalts Expression
    Media Vicissitude

    Good luck with your endeavors!

  53. KPBC Media Consulting or kapagrcha – katpatgracha – you get the idea

    actually surprised no one came up with that yet

    new record response for the blog tho

  54. Naltsace

    Nalts the Marketing Wizard

  55. I’ve got it!


    After “zeitgeist”:
    The word zeitgeist describes the intellectual, cultural, ethical and political climate, ambience and morals of an era (similar to the English word “mainstream”) or also a trend. In German, the word has more layers of meaning than the English translation, including the fact that Zeitgeist can only be observed for past events.

  56. King M.A.B (Marketing Acclaimed Brands)

    Queen Mab is a fairy that is mentioned in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She compels people to experience dreams of wishfulfillment.

    King M.A.B is an acronym as well as a pun by using King instead of Queen. you’re a guy right? Nevermind… I wouldn’t mind changing the M.A.B. to mean something else too, but that’s the best i could come up with. Something like “Marketing Ample Brands”, i don’t know…

  57. Axelrod Nimbus. It’s unique, original, and I figured if you pick it apart it means something, but company names don’t have to mean something. I mean look at the success of Verizon, and that means nothing. That’s just a shot in the dark from a 14 year old haha. Well good luck no matter what happens Nalts.

  58. CatClick

    It’s really hard to beat Nalty Salty Poo Poo though…

  59. We should list all the names on a web site and put them to a vote, pick each persona top 10.

    Even if it’s not the chosen one, might be fun to see what would win.
    Okay, who wants to run a script and compile?

  60. 1. moreyes marketing
    (Because, assuming you don’t suck, you’d bring “more eyes” to your clients.)

    2. Interest Via Internet
    (Because again, assuming you don’t suck, your clients would be hiring you to generate interest via the internet and its various mediums.)

    3. DidYouHearAbout? Marketing
    (Because, ya know, assuming you don’t suck, you’d get people talking about your clients. Feel free to replace “marketing” with “media” or whatever else. Also feel free to replace “didyouhearabout” with “didyousee” or whatever else.)

    4. WhatSticks Marketing
    (A play on the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” analogy (or is it metaphor? I can never remember the difference). Once again assuming that you don’t suck, you are smart and experienced enough to know what will and will not work/stick, therefore your rate of success will be quite high, thus… WhatSticks Marketing. Or What Sticks Marketing, or WhatSticks Media, or whatever.)

    5. Fartketing
    (Combines “fart” and “marketing,” and if that doesn’t accurately describe the public version of Kevin Nalts I know and love, I don’t know what does.)

  61. my best is

    Dare To Be Nalty Marketing
    DTBN marketing for short

    others are,

    no faults marketing
    slim pickin chicken marketing.

  62. Is it too late to throw in a few suggestions?

    1. FAWESOME – as in Dude! Your career is effing awesome. It’s fawesome!
    2. TingNinj – as in Dude! You’re a total Marketing Ninja, a real TingNinj! (see also TingJa, TingKing, TingRate, TingGuru)
    3. KnowGuessing – as in Dude! See if you can work out what I got you for your birthday, but remember… Know Guessing!
    4. Er…
    5. That’s it.

  63. Brontrix

    Origin; Not a word

    Original word; Brontide

    Meaning; A deep Rumbling sounds, usually of the ‘seismic’ origin.

  64. well uh…

    21st Global Marketing(you know because of the international aspect)

    WorldwidEnterprise or Worldwide Enterprise

    Global Fatalitity ( haha jk, funny though. This is global fatality here to put the final blow onto the world)

    Growing Global

  65. Break Face Marketing (logo could be like a phantom of the opera mask)
    Raegan Industries (translates into Like a King, started in Ireland, btw I can draw any logo, just give me a name)

    those are my two 😀

  66. Lumos Marketing

    -“lumos” is a play on the Latin word “lumen”, meaning light or to shed light upon. Latin makes you sound smart.
    -the alliteration of the M’s makes is nice to say and easy to remember
    -“Lumos Marketing” doesn’t already exist
    -It sounds like a positive thing that companies will want to befriend, but it’s not cutesy or childish.
    -“lumos” is also a light spell in Harry Potter. People love Harry Potter! You could use a wand as the logo.
    -It’s a spell from Harry Potter
    – I can’t think of any others

  67. Intergity Marketing, Enhance Marketing, Nghthawk Marketing, Breakaway Marketing, Higer Marketing, Bull Ring Marketing, Robust Marketing, Fearless Marketing, Percpective Marketing, Endurance Marketing, Steadfast Marketing, Over come marketing, Hang Ten Marketing

  68. 3ten Marketing, Envusion Marketing, Up Held Marketing, Overtime Marketing, Draconian Marketing, The Source Marketing, ReGeneration Marketing (ReGen Marketing for short), Apollos Marketing, Zues Marketing, Tiberius Marketing, Bridge Building Marketing, Effective Marketing. After Dark Marketing, On the Trail Marketing, Enterprise Marketing, Tucsonian Marketing, Stone Marketing,

    Ummmm best one yet….. Fruggle Marketing (what ever that means)

  69. White Blizzard Marketing strong yet an actual good name if taken black blizzardis awsome too if i win hit me up on youtube :0 i swaer i didnt steal it ( i need the cash ((im broke)) )

  70. Okay, I already submitted Naltyior Motives. How about VirulCo? Or “Tools” Toolbox Marketing. Ummm Crushing Defeat Marketing? Jobs?Wedon’tneednostinkinJobs.Com. Distracted Leamur Marketing. Chris’s video)?

  71. lets see…………

    – Engageasumer (engage the consumer, get it? ha, Ha, MUAHAHAH)
    – product to the masses
    – Vivid Vending Advisors
    – Reach-the-Generation
    – Memorable Marketing

    just some things off the top of my head

  72. -Beyond Viral
    -Prankster Party
    -Kool Aid Dispenser

  73. Hi, Nalts. I’ll try to come up with the best names I can to help you with this. Something like Innovative Marketing Group, the Intelligence for Social-Media. If you don’t get any luck you can email me and I could go and get someone that helps you find the perfect name!
    Good Luck!

  74. Sorry that ones taken but the ad for it is good. The name could be something like SureMarketing, or Civilized Marketing Group (could also take out part of Civilized to make Civil, That would all stand for CMG which looks great to me.) I’ll give you as much as I can, Genial Marketing Incorporated ( or Genial Marketing Group), Cordial Marketing Group, I hope you really like these as I did alot of thinking to come up with them. Good Luck!

  75. Internet Starmaturge Thaumaturge
    Divinet Distributions
    Diviner Development
    Enchanting Exchanges
    Augurer Administration
    Augurer Apportioning
    Augurer Assigning
    Augurer Arrangement
    Augurer Alms
    Augurer Amplitude
    Conjurer Circulation
    Conjurer Coordination
    Thaumaturge Tech
    Thaumaturge Trade
    Thaumaturge Tabulates
    Thaumaturge Track
    Thaumaturge Train
    Viral Virtuoso
    Hoi Polloi Highway
    Hoi Polloi Artery
    Djinni Distribution
    Djinni Developments
    Adroit Associations
    Adroit Nalts
    High Brow Hamlet
    High Brow Horde
    High Brow Herd
    Rare Bird Rabble
    Rare Bird Race
    Rare Bird Riff
    Rare Bird Raft
    Seer Society
    Stunner Stomping Ground
    Doyen Distribution
    Salt Net
    Ickiwon Industries
    Big Newzi
    Zig Bin
    Bin Zig

  76. Final Fartasy Unlimited Inc.
    Lumpkin Enterprises.
    Craptacular Zen
    The Knight’s Who Say Nalty
    Nalty Faulty Inc
    Sir Naulty Farterprises
    Tri-Zen marketing
    The Company
    All American Loan Reject’s
    Canada Limited
    I Flip Chicken’s – IFC
    International House of Fart’s – I.H.O.F
    Jackson Glove Enterprises
    Neo-Citrus-Octo Inc.
    Susan Boyle Fan Club of America – SBFCA
    Stikit Inc.

  77. So you didn’t like “Naltsgeist”? I really thought it was clever and appropriate. But you like “Nalts Consulting” better. Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste. 😉

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