Brands Can Tinker With Twitter: So Let’s Tinker With 7/8/9 Gathering…

As I sail into full-time consulting around social media (with video being the obvious focus, given its visceral nature), I can’t help but also hear brands desperate for a Twitter strategy. My former colleague, Marc Monseau, who manages the Johnson & Johnson blog, made headlines for using Twitter to fix a Motrin ad (see AdAge story if you’re registered or learn more here).

Today I learned via my beloved AdAge 3-minute video report about Tinker, which orients information around brands so if you’re Yoplait you could have a live section where people’s tweets are syndicated on your site (sanatized from obscenities and competitors). Okay- maybe there’s not a surging demand for a real-time yogurt discussion, but still worth a glance…

This is especially useful for events because Twitter is oriented around people and not events… so unless everyone uses #BoringDigitalConference on their tweets, it can be hard to surf the microblogs from attendees…. so….


Here’s a Tinker event I’ve created to help facilitate the discussions around the large YouTube gathering in NYC, culminating on the weekend after 7/8/09 (it’s dubbed Gathering789 and other terms). Now various tweets can be connected to similar tweets (even with #tag variations), and the dates can easily be found. Endless possibilities here, and it still links to the 789 website that has videos and blog posts.

I tried a Tinker search for my former brand, Propecia, and it was interesting. Sure you can do a real-time Twitter search at Twitter (which is how I kept informed about the buzz of my Merck departure), but this can help organize and syndicate the brand-specific mentions/events in a more organized format.

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  1. I don’t read twitter for stupid discussions about which yogurt is better, or what’s in it, or any of that shit. I read it for the irreverent comments. The only commercial twitter ads I’ve found that are worthwhile watching are Rhett and link.

    Sorry I’m so disloyal.

    No I’m not.

  2. Nalts doesn’t follow me on Twitter. Think I’ll go tweet about it…meh… no, I’ll tweet about taking out the garbage…more interesting…


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