Quit Day Job: Full-Time Online Video & Marketing

Today I quit my day job as Consumer Product Director at Merck, where I marketed Propecia. Thanks to all of my Merck friends for tolerating me and teaching me so much.

Now it’s full-time to follow my passion: making videos, working with Hitviews, and starting my own consulting practice that will help brands engage in social media, especially the most visceral kind: online video. Stay tuned next week for more details.

Do what you love, peeps. I have an MBA in entrepreneurship and a passion for marketing, social media and video. Time to put it to work.

do what you love

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  1. Congrats! Best of luck. You’ll definitely go really far with it. Well, I guess you already have gone pretty far with it… But you’ll go even further! 😀 <– Smiley face

  2. LOVE IT!

    What you did today was exactly what I talked about in my latest vlog at 5awesomeoptimists – pursuing and doing that which you’re passionate about!

    Very happy for you, and huge CONGRATS!


  3. Should be an interesting ride. Best of luck to you Kevin. If you need a “Mason” give me a call, I’m available. 🙂

  4. you’re slipping, in the old days you would have written that on your ass and mooned us. But you know what evs, good luck on your new adventure in body art and stuff, i hope you dont run out of markers. maybe you and buckley can hang out and abuse manson together.

  5. If it means more videos, I’m all for it despite my reservations. I hope everything works out for you and your family. I love your stuff and love when a new video pops into my YouTube homepage.

    Keep it up man!

  6. holy crap! now hire me

    if this is a prank nalts you are so going to see the back end of a wood chipper in your garbage can tomorrow!

  7. I come back online after a month because I moved to Japan and this is the first thing I read?

    Does WifeofNalts approve of this? I hope it is a prank, as I do consulting too and in todays market I would never recommend going solo unless it’s a very, very special situation.

    But then again, you’re the genius. I’m just some guy nobody has never really heard of. I don’t even live in the “proper country” anymore.

    BTW if this is a joke I’m blaming you for Swine Flu coming to Japan. I’l tell the government here and everything.

  8. Now you’ve done it Kevin. You’ve added to the unemployment statistics. You are going to single handedly make Obamas plan fail. How does that make you feel?? ehh? eHH?

  9. Hey nalts,
    I think its great that you are doing this, and if you are reading this, please talk to the people at Ichannel and try to help get them funding. They had an amazing show, which you probably already know because you had a cameo. They haven’t made an episode in over the year because they cannot get enough funding. So try and help them out!
    They may have quit making it all together, but they did make a short a few weeks ago, so there is still hope!

  10. Congratulations Kevin! You’re right – it’s all about passion. Go for it! Best of luck to you as you follow your dreams!

  11. Did you say “Do what you love” Nalts? I’ve BEEN doing what I love, and all I’ve gotten out of it is less than 520 subscribers, pounds of discouragement, and a bunch of haters and creepers!

  12. of course, as you could probably not tell in my last comment, I was intentionally trying to be negative and like Ziggy, to counteract all of these positive comments for comedic value. I’m actually very happy for you, Nalts. Do what you love is a phrase to live by, my friend, and now you finally can…all the time…and get payed mad cash for it, too. Huzzah for Nalts!

  13. You da man Nalts! I respect, admire and often wish to emulate you…Knock ’em Dead!

  14. I think you really got fired over the whole ADD thing and you are trying to put a good spin on it.

    What is wrong with me? I must be channeling sukatra.

  15. @43&44 If Kevin is indeed shitting us it will not only be the greatest prank he’s ever pulled he will be sentenced to eating store bought generic brand cereal for the rest of his natural life!

  16. Oh Jesus, Kevin, I am so happy for you! I am utterly THRILLED for you!

    Zee TIME azz KUM!

  17. Oh it’s tortured me that we have no web access at the lake, but finally saw these kind comments on my Bberry. Even John Mack (pharma blog) finally got the story!

  18. Thought this described his new company rather nicely. My guess is that his focus will be in telling firms how to market through the internet without ‘MARKETING’.

  19. When I saw this in my rss feed I held back the temptation of clicking it right away thinking this was a silly link bait trick… you couldn’t be serious and you couldn’t fool me.
    I guess you are? I’m not sure if I believe you, even thought it seems genuine enough.
    Fine, I’ll believe you. Congrats!!! Awesome!

  20. Wow, this is huge!

    Was I the first person ever to pay you for your videos?

    Does that make any of this my fault?

    I wish you everything you wish for yourself… and chopped liver.

  21. Congratulations, Kevin. I’m really glad to see you take the plunge and pursue your passion. As you focus all your wild-eyed energy and enthusiasm on what you really want out of life, that success will surely follow. Keep in touch!

  22. Thought this described his new company rather nicely. My guess is that his focus will be in telling firms how to market through the internet without ‘MARKETING’.

  23. Geez, you wander off for a few weeks and look what happens.

    I see that the Propecia site still uses your picture for their front page pic on their website though. It’s probably a good thing you quit with that hairline of yours, buddy. Way to be a company spokesperson!

    Okay, seriously, congrats! I mean that with all my heart. I couldn’t be happier for you. Well, I mean, I could be happier if you decided to hire on a Minnesotan YouTuber with hardly any subscribers and virtually no updates in the last 6 months. That would excite me a little more.

    Keep up the good work.

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